South Loop gas station shooting caught on camera

Angelica Sanchez and Andrew Smith

9 minutes ago

CHICAGO — A shooting at a South Loop gas station was caught on surveillance cameras.

Chicago police said the shooting started with an argument between two people. No one was injured, but the store owner told WGN-TV he found dozens of bullet casings.

“There were 50 to 60 shots,” said Jonathan Nowak, owner of the 7-11 store. “We found more shells today and it’s been a few days.”

Surveillance video shows a customer entering the store near the South Loop.

Outside, police said an argument escalated into gunfire.

“A car load pulls on another car with both pumps,” Nowak said. “Like in the Wild West, they were shooting at each other.”

Nowak said it’s been almost a year since he took over the place.

He said this was not the first time his store had been caught in the middle of violent conflict.

He said there had been problems with a nearby homeless encampment.

His store was also the target of looting last August.

“It’s making my employees quit,” he said. “There are so many changes here in one year. More than other stores in my entire life. I’ve never had so many twists and turns. I can’t even get workers here.

This crossfire not only could have been fatal, but could have resulted in an explosion. Nowak said one bullet hit a pump and narrowly missed the gas lines.

“I’m trying to give this area something beautiful, just like the other stores in the area,” he said. “We just need help to keep it that way.” Desperately.”

Nowak said he has done everything he can to implement safety measures.

“We have 30 cameras. We have police cameras,” Nowak said. “They don’t care. They act like it’s not even there.

He said he’s frustrated and hopes the brazen shooting will get the attention of city leaders.

“I know it’s hard to pay attention to everything, but it would be nice to have a little help,” he said.

Chicago police said the two offenders left the area in different directions and area detectives were still investigating.