Routine traffic stop leads police to seize 36 guns, arrest suspect in San Jose – NBC Bay Area

What started as a routine traffic stop in San Jose led police to seize 36 weapons that they say should never have been on the street.

The suspect not only faces weapons charges, but also a child endangerment charge, as police say two children were in his car with some of those weapons.

San Jose police said their investigation began when they stopped Juan Sandoval for a traffic violation and discovered he was transporting firearms with two children under the age of 15 in his car.

That led officers to two homes linked to Sandoval — one on Cortez Avenue in San Jose, near two schools — and another in San Benito County where they found more weapons.

“When officers searched this second home, they found several more firearms, making a total of 36 firearms seized,” said Tanya Hernandez of the San Jose Police Department.

Maria Torres said she rarely shops after 11 a.m. because she worries about crime. She is relieved to learn that the police have seized the weapons.

“It’s great. It’s good that they’re taking guns off the street because we need more of them to make them go away because everything that’s happening right now is just too crazy,” he said. she declared.

Police also said they seized thousands of rounds of ammunition, explosive material and firearm accessories.