Evo Japan 2024 Champion MenaRD Gets New Street Fighter 6 Blanka-Inspired Hairstyle in Honor of the Character He Won the Tournament With

Bandits|MenaRD made history late last month by taking 1st place in Street Fighter 6 at the major giant fighting game tournament, Evo Japan 2024. Using a combination of Luke and Blanka throughout the event (although he closed out the grand finals with the latter), Mena became one of the only players to have won both the Capcom Cup (he won it twice) and an Evo event.

In the past, the Dominican champion was known for styling his hair in a way that is relative to his career as a fighter. This time, Mena is back with a new cut that’s supposed to resemble Blanka’s hair in Street FIighter 6 – and it looks clean as hell.

Although Mena’s main character in Street Fighter 6 is Luke, he also pioneered Blanka as an active secondary. Mena has been one of, if not the best Blanka players in the world, putting the character on the map in numerous ways and also eliminating many top competitors with him.

While he’s definitely played the role of Luke in tournaments, Mena is known for his incredible Blanka here in Street Fighter 6. It looks like Mena might also like the character a little more than his current main character, considering his new haircut.

Speaking of which, Mena shared some photos of her new outfit on Twitter today. “The Blanka hairstyle ⚡️,” he wrote, showing off different angles of the new hairstyle.

Like Blanka, Mena has the sides of his head mostly shaved with a tuft of hair on top. Adding some unique flourishes, Mena also has a clean line connecting her facial hair and new hairstyle, resulting in an overall stylish look.

In July 2022, Mena explained how he was preparing for the major Evo 2022 event which would take place next month. Part of his preparation involved getting a haircut that had the Evo tournament logo emblazoned on it.