Logitech announces Combo Touch for iPad Air M2 and iPad Pro M4

Following the announcement of new iPads on Tuesday, Logitech today announced a new version of its popular Combo Touch keyboard case for the latest iPad Air M2 and iPad Pro M4. The accessory makes a great alternative to Apple’s Magic Keyboard, as it also includes a full-size keyboard and a multi-touch trackpad.

Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Air M2 and iPad Pro M4

“Logitech Combo Touch is now available with the new redesigned iPad Air and the new thin and light iPad Pro. Made with durable, premium materials, the new Combo Touch models are the thinnest and lightest models yet,” the company said in a press release.

For those unfamiliar, Logitech Combo Touch is an iPad case with its own keyboard and trackpad. It stands out for its versatility because the keyboard is removable and the kickstand allows several modes of use. You can adjust the case to your preferred angle for writing, drawing, reading and watching videos.

The accessory does not need to be paired or charged as it uses power from the iPad via the Smart Connector. It is worth noting that its keyboard has backlighting and hotkeys. It also supports the Apple Pencil. Logitech made the accessory thinner and lighter, while also having the largest trackpad in a Combo Touch case.

The Combo Touch for the new iPad Air M2 and iPad Pro M4 comes in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes, and they are available in Graphite (for iPad Pro) and Oxford Gray (for iPad Air).

Prices and availability

  • Combo Touch for 13-inch iPad Pro: $259.99
  • Combo Touch for 11-inch iPad Pro: $229.99
  • Combo Touch for 13-inch iPad Air: $229.99
  • Combo Touch for 11-inch iPad Air: $199.99

Customers can now order them through the Logitech online store or You can also find Logitech Combo Touch for other iPad models on Amazon.

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