Video: Gun-toting jewelry store owner knows exactly what to do after break-in – and shocked crook makes hilarious exit

After closing Sidrony Jewelers on Saturday, silversmith Garrett Peddicord was setting up for a “workbench” in the back of his Omaha, Nebraska, store when something caught his eye on a security monitor, reported KETV-TV.

It turns out a crook threw a large rock through one of the store’s windows around 11:30 p.m. After broken glass littered the floor, the burglar – of course dressed entirely in black – entered the store through the new opening.

“This kind of unprovoked attack on what I’ve worked so hard to build here is pretty upsetting.”

Peddicord spent about three years in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan and also owns Athena Arms in Bellevue, the outlet said. Naturally, he knew exactly what to do.

“I usually carry a gun on my waist, even after work hours. It’s just one of those things,” he told KETV before reaching into his pockets and going through his mental checklist. “Keys, wallet, gun.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

“Hey, m-effer! »

Peddicord pulled out his gun and headed toward the scene, telling KETV that he deliberately took loud steps to warn the crook that someone was coming. Peddicord told the station that he also yelled, “Hey, m-effer!” – replacing a redacted version of the curse word we all know he used.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Suffice to say the burglar was quite frightened, he immediately raised his hands and almost gingerly ran to the exit before dutifully jumping out the window opening he broke.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

“This kind of unprovoked attack on what I worked so hard to build here is pretty upsetting,” Peddicord added to the station.

Peddicord told KETV that the gun he carries “is the same as all the other tools” he keeps in his workshop. “They all serve a purpose,” he added to the station. “But it’s the one tool I hope I never have to use.”

Omaha police could not immediately confirm whether the burglar had been arrested, KETV noted.

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