“Songs Of Silence” early access launch pushed back a few weeks

Featuring both a single-player campaign and competitive multiplayer modes, Songs of silence features a unique blend of turn-based kingdom management, exploration and hero development, contrasted with short, intense real-time battles.

Unleash your armies in exciting real-time battles and support them by casting powerful combat spells from your heroes. With over 100 different units available, there are plenty of in-depth customization opportunities when it comes to building your own army. The engagements are decisive and focused and only last about a minute!

Songs of silence offers a new vision of strategy games where cards represent unique actions granted by heroes and locations. Each faction and hero has their own playstyle, both on the strategic map and in combat. Choose from hundreds of cards ranging from increasing the growth of your cities to spreading the Life-Devouring Silence. The options are almost limitless!

Songs of silence Also features a soundtrack by a legendary composer Hitoshi Sakimotobest known for scoring Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 12And Chronicles of Valkyria.

Following the successful conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign for Songs of silence Last month, Chimera Entertainment has a lot to work on, with ambitious goals to develop, physical rewards to design and craft, and plenty of feedback on our demo and closed beta to implement! We’re actually extremely happy about it, but we’re also going to have to push back the previously announced Early Access release date of May 23rd a bit.

Songs of silence will now launch in Steam Early Access on June 4, 2024. We don’t expect this to affect the full release date or the awarding of our Kickstarter rewards.

While we recognize that any delays may be frustrating for fans, we are confident that it will be worth it, with a better product available on Steam from day one. We hope you’ll stick with us during the Early Access period as we refine Songs of Silence into the masterpiece we know it can be.

While we’re working on this, we’re also finishing up our Kickstarter, and we can’t wait for these amazing rewards to start landing with our backers!

If you missed your chance to get some of our delicious rewards during the campaign, or if you have a friend who needs the art book in their lives, have no fear! We’ve added a post-campaign pledge manager with our partner BackerKit where you can extend an existing pledge or create an entirely new one.

All physical rewards are following the same timeline as the development of the first version of the game, aiming to be completed and delivered around the end of summer 2024. We are still calculating shipping costs, but we will come back with more information on this subject. very soon.

Main characteristics:

  • Two worlds at war: lead powerful armies and explore the world on the strategic map to gain a tactical advantage. Outwit your opponents with deadly ambushes and manage precious resources to rebuild ravaged lands and defeat your rival kingdoms.
  • Legendary Music: Discover an evocative score by renowned composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Valkyria Chronicles).
  • Single-player and multiplayer modes: Play alone in the story-driven single-player campaign, or face real opponents in fast-paced online multiplayer for up to six players.
  • A Vibrant Fantasy Universe: Experience an original, atmospheric world captured with colorful, detailed, Art Nouveau-inspired visual design and compelling voice-over narration.
  • Progress with every playthrough: Songs of Silence rewards multiple playthroughs with a roguelite progression system. Unlock new factions, heroes, campaigns, maps, and more with every playthrough.
  • Master dynamic real-time battles: Unleash your forces in fast-paced real-time battles and lead them to victory by playing powerful battle cards of your heroes.

Songs of silence is in development for PC (Steam).

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