The Helldivers 2 bombing incident inspired the design of an in-game cape to celebrate

Although it was rebuffed, Sony’s controversial decision to make it mandatory to link a PSN account to enjoy Helldivers 2 on Steam will be felt forever by players. Anyone who enjoyed the Arrowhead Studios game clearly knows that the team has a great sense of humor and integrity, and that is why they are going to do a fun initiative to commemorate this controversy which, fortunately, will not soon be forgotten. in industry.

Community design convinces Arrowhead

Johan Pilestedt, CEO of the Swedish studio, shared a fun community design for a cape that mirrors the negative review graph on Steam for Helldivers 2, where the red stripes represent the game’s declining ratings. “The accidental design of the cape is pretty cool. From a community member,” he said on Twitter/X.

A fan responded to Pilestedt, asking him to please make it happen, and his response was immediate. “The team is talking about a good name at the moment,” but didn’t say when or how players might get their hands on it.

However, it is almost certain that this will not be paid content, as it would be an even more controversial decision to charge the community for a cape that commemorates a truly difficult time they experienced, regardless of how much fun she is having now. have with that. Meanwhile, the community is already brainstorming descriptions of the cape, some as amusing as “a commemoration of the liberation of over 100 countries and the restoration of democracy and autonomy for PC gamers.”

PlayStation’s subsequent decision to force Steam players to link their Valve platform account to a PSN account ended really badly for them. Players united to flood the game’s page with negative reviews, in addition to those of Helldivers, the original game. After a few days of internal crisis, the publisher decided to backtrack in the face of the tremendous response from the PC community.