Getting ready: Venus Williams sparkles at the Met Gala with Marc Jacobs

When the Met Gala calls, you should always be ready to answer (preferably with a special look ready.) For Venus Williams, the tennis icon was more than ready to show up and show off for the star-studded affair. Monday with a personalized suit. Marc Jacobs dress for the museum’s annual fundraising event, in support of the Costume Institute and this year’s final exhibition “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” Paired with the coveted Kiki boots, Williams’ glamor was just as perfect as the ensemble, with hair styled by Nikki Nelms (assisted by Vincent Tobias), makeup by Karina Milan and manicure by Gina Edwards.

Before Venus hit the museum’s famous steps, V got a glimpse of her glamorous process for the evening, below!

“Stepping up the Met walks was only right with Marc Jacobs’ iconic Kiki boots”

“Reflecting beauty in every shimmering detail – Marc designed this stunning strapless satin dress for me made up of dozens of small mirrored discs encompassing the idea of ​​fragility and time. It was like magic! »

“When I have nails, I transform into another person!” Gina did a fabulous job making my nails shine”

“From emails to glamour, multitasking at its best, even on Met Day. I’m so grateful to Karina that she always finds the right rhythm! »

“Break the glamor session for some cuddles with the puppies – Harry always steals the show!” »

Dripping in gems from head to toe, Nikki and Vincent were the perfect duo for a ’60s-inspired bouffant!

“I’m incredibly honored to wear custom Marc Jacobs to this year’s Met Gala – it truly allowed me to live out my fairytale dreams.”

Energy from the Ice Queen!

“Because no party is truly over until the afterparty begins!” Adorned with the one and only Marc Jacobs!