Forever Family: Meet Enoch

Enoch is 16 years old and has grown up a lot since we last saw him. Enoch is mature and gentle and although he is visually impaired, his vision for life and the future is limitless. He is ready to make a family very proud and ready to share all the love he has to offer.

“I like to ride bikes, skates, scooters, I do it all,” he says. “Swimming. I go to the Lighthouse. There’s a summer program there. I go there every summer.”

He loves music and plays bass guitar. But he sees a future in computer technology.

“I want to become a computer engineer,” he explains.

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Enoch says his friends would describe him as kind, respectful and strong. He wants an eternal family that will understand him, understand what he’s been through, and be there for him for the rest of his life.

To learn more about adopting Enoch, contact Forever Family in partnership with Grand Champions Polo Club, ChildNet and Communities Connected for Kids by visiting the Forever Family website.