‘Simply horrible!’ Eurovision fans rant as they criticize BBC for technical error as British entry Olly Alexander performs on stage

EUROVISION fans were left frustrated by the BBC last night as they watched Olly Alexander’s semi-final performance.

The singing competition is now heating up and the finals are just a few days away.

Olly Alexander represents the UK at EurovisionCredit: Splash
He put on a show last night for the semi-finalsCredit: AP
But fans have criticized the BBC for a technical error which could ruin his chances.Credit: Splash

But viewers were left disappointed when the pop singer representing the UK dropped the team last night due to technical difficulties.

Olly performed his song Dizzy brilliantly, but many complained that the sound was muffled and they couldn’t hear him.

One concerned viewer shared: “As much as I want the UK to do well at Eurovision, our choice of Olly Alexander singing while crashing into a box is not going to produce exceptional live vocals. Dodgy sound throughout semi-finals 1, I hope it will be better for the Semi-Finals2 and the Grand Final…”

Another wrote: “Watching Olly Alexander’s performance, great direction, the singing/sound wasn’t great at all…”

A third hit: “Olly Alexander’s singing was terrible.”

The singer himself took to Instagram to explain what went wrong.

Olly sighed: “My microphone pack fell in the middle of the performance. I had to grab it, and… it threw me off a bit.”

The pop star looked upset, making a face before continuing: “I was scared to do it… there were elements of the routine that I couldn’t really do as well as I would have liked .

“It was quite stressful. I thought my bag was going to completely fall off and my ears were going to…”

Olly then made a gesture to represent the monitors falling.

Olly Alexander breaks silence on Eurovision backlash on ITV’s Lorraine

However, some fans came together to reassure the singer on Instagram.

One person shared: “I loved the staging and the song, I ditched his mic pack and carried on like a pro!”

A second exclaimed: “IT WAS AMAZING!!!! People were just trying to discredit the totally epic staging and song! .. yes he looked a little breathless in places but in the together… it was simply incredible!!!!!! The best production of the night!”

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