Australian ‘Boomer’ Cyclist Filmed Committing Shameful Act

By Lisa Edser for Daily Mail Australia

08:41 May 9, 2024, updated 09:05 May 9, 2024

A “baby boomer cyclist” was caught on CCTV cameras on a city center street.

Brisbane resident Mick Brown told the Courier Mail the same cars had been “targeted” since September last year on Hubert Street in Woolloongabba.

The serial offender was described as an “ordinary, well-dressed elderly man”.

The first incident occurred on September 29 and was filmed by security cameras,

“This act cost me and the owner of the other two vehicles more than $10,000 in repairs,” Mr. Brown said.

The “well-dressed” cyclist can be seen walking nonchalantly with his bike in front of the cars and handing over the keys. His red cord is attached to a sharp object to vandalize cars
The cyclist was caught on CCTV as he slowly drove past parked cars in Brisbane – and went to the same street three times and targeted the same cars.

In the CCTV footage, the cyclist can be seen riding slowly alongside the cars.

His right arm was extended toward the vehicles, holding a red tether to which a sharp object was attached.

The cyclist left in a hurry when he saw a car approaching from behind.

Mr Brown told the Courier Mail the same cyclist “strike again” months later on December 30.

This happened after the three cars originally coded in September were repaired.

According to the resident, two of the three cars were targeted again, causing “thousands and thousands of dollars in damage.”

The “boomer” can be seen extending his right arm as he walks past cars – he only left the scene when a car approached from behind.

Mr Brown also claims the same cyclist returned a third time on May 5 and locked the cars again.

“Although these were targeted attacks, neither I nor the other victim know or recognize this person,” he said.

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“This is becoming quite distressing and this individual needs to be stopped.”

Keying is classified as a form of vandalism, which can result in fines and imprisonment, depending on the severity and the state in which it is carried out.

This is when someone uses a sharp object, like a wrench, to damage a vehicle’s paint, which can be expensive to repair.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Queensland Police for comment, but understands no charges have been laid in relation to the serial seizure incidents.