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Travis Kelce doesn’t understand why Jana Kramer is trying to drag his name through the mud by accusing him of having a drinking problem, multiple sources told Page Six.

“He was surprised because he’s never met her and is just living his life,” a source said in response to the recent episode of Kramer’s “Whine Down” podcast in which the “One Tree Hill” alum, 40 years old, said the Kansas City Chiefs were tight. end, 34, is “always drunk”.

Our sources categorically deny that Kelce has a drinking problem, with a second insider pointing out exclusively to Page Six: “The guy is under a microscope, basically monitored everywhere he goes.”

“Of course you’re going to see him drinking. He is watched everywhere he goes.

Travis Kelce was surprised by Jana Kramer’s remarks about his drinking, sources tell Page Six. Rear Grille/MEGA
Kramer said on his podcast that Kelce “rubs her the wrong way” because it appears he is “always drunk.” Instagram/kramergirl
“He has never met her and is just living his life,” a close source said. Getty Images for American Express presents CARBONE BEACH

The source adds that if the professional athlete did indeed have a drinking problem, it would be very difficult to hide it given his notoriety.

“It’s not like he vanished somewhere,” the source explains. “If he had passed out somewhere I would totally understand, but that’s not the case at all.”

The source claims Kelce is just a “normal human being” who “does the same thing” as everyone else, except “they’re not in the public eye.”

“It’s not like he vanished somewhere,” a separate source told Page Six. XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas
An insider points out that Kelce will be seen drinking from time to time because he’s “under a microscope.” XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas

We’re also told the three-time Super Bowl champion is “training right now” for the upcoming NFL season, so “if he was drunk, that would be a bigger problem.”

In April, Kelce turned heads when he drank a beer at his honorary college graduation during his and brother Jason Kelce’s live podcast, “New Heights.”

However, Jason, 36, later came to his younger brother’s defense, pointing out the fact that the light-hearted event wasn’t a real graduation and that the siblings were there to raise money for student-athletes .

Multiple sources deny to Page Six that Travis has a drinking problem. Danny Mahoney
An insider points out that if Travis’ drinking was a problem, it would hurt his NFL career. P.A.

Sources close to Travis conclude that Kramer, for her part, is just following her usual M.O. of attaching herself to someone who is more headline-grabbing than she is. A source also told TMZ that Kelce thought the podcaster was simply “weight chasing.”

“That’s what Jana Kramer does,” a close source said. “She clings to people for attention.”

Page Six reached out to representatives for Travis and Kramer for comment, but did not immediately respond.

The mother of two also hasn’t addressed the backlash she received for speaking out against Travis or claiming the sports superstar was a bad influence on his girlfriend, Taylor Swift. (Kramer also said on her podcast that the Grammy winner “drinks more now” since she started dating Travis.)

Kramer also claimed that Travis’ drinking influenced Taylor Swift. Danny Mahoney/Wynn Las Vegas / MEGA
“I see her drinking more now. Like the company you keep,” Kramer said. chrispearson20/Instagram
An insider says of Kramer: “She clings to people for attention. » Getty Images for iHeartRadio

However, her silence hasn’t stopped Swifties from coming to the pop star and her pal’s defense.

“Someone who is on their FOURTH marriage should not be interested in Taylor and Travis’ relationship, especially judging it based on short clips shown at SOCIAL EVENTS,” one fan wrote.

Another added: “The things you said about Travis and Taylor were inappropriate and none of your business. Imagine talking about him and getting your attention when you use their names to make headlines. Talking about his drinking was weak and just plain unpleasant. Do better since you always preach this.

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