5 times airport staff were caught in the act

Yesterday we saw this footage of baggage handlers unzipping and rummaging through a passenger’s luggage – in broad daylight, in plain sight! Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time airport staff have been caught doing things they shouldn’t be doing while on duty.

Earlier this year, two Canadian airline employees were filmed throwing luggage more than six meters high from the jetway stairs, potentially damaging passengers’ belongings.

In this specific case, it was hand luggage that passengers had been asked to check in due to the congestion in the overhead compartments. We hope these items were insured…

We all know guns are a massive NO when traveling, but this Delta employee and an airport baggage handler thought they were above the law.

The two men allegedly smuggled a total of 18 firearms through airport security as part of a plan to sell them. Seven of the weapons were actually loaded!

Now, this incident may have just been an accident. An Alaska Airlines flight took off with a baggage handler trapped in the plane’s hold.

The plane was actually in the air for 14 minutes before the pilot heard a thud and returned the plane to its starting point in Seattle.

Every traveler has been afraid, at some point, of being touched inappropriately during a search at airport security. The truth is, this has happened to most of us. You always wonder if the agents are thorough or a little perverted and it seems like your fear has just come true.

Denver’s CBS station released footage of two TSA agents, Ty Spicha and Yasmin Shafi, plotting to manipulate the checkpoint to fondle some male passengers.

These former baggage handlers reveal everything in this confession video:

It seems like there’s a LOT going on at the airport that really shouldn’t be happening…