Coronation Street fans spot ‘mistake’ as Bethany Platt despairs of Nathan Curtis return

Coronation Street fans think they’ve spotted a ‘mistake’ after Bethany Platt was left desperate for Nathan Curtis to return. Fans of the ITV soap will know Nathan for grooming Bethany Platt as part of a sex trafficking scheme before being jailed in 2017.

However, it has been a little over six years since he appeared in the soap opera, in a vision experienced by Bethany. But now Bethany’s old visions are a reality, as on Wednesday night’s Corrie (May 8), as viewers saw her be the first to spot Nathan as a free man during a reenactment of his final moves by Lauren Bolton.

Her partner Daniel Osbourne assured her that Nathan was in jail and it was his mind playing tricks on him, but Bethany was still nervous. So when Nicky Wheatley called and revealed she was going to meet a girl called Ellie who had been groomed as a teenager and who might have information about Lauren, Bethany followed.

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She ended up disrupting Nicky’s conversation with the vulnerable woman, mentioning Nathan and the fact that she knows what she’s going through. Ellie ran away and Nicky was furious that she had jeopardized her position helping sex workers, but Bethany was still convinced that Nathan was hiding something to do with Lauren.

But some Corrie fans couldn’t understand why Bethany didn’t know about Nathan’s release. @mat_earl said: “Why doesn’t Detective Tinker know about his release??? He was a new cop and helped bring down the gang back then…”

@RyanTheSoapking asked: “Why didn’t anyone tell Bethany that Nathan was released? #Corrie.” @itzzzo_ commented: “Bethany would have been informed that Nathan was released? #Corrie.” @jjimmyj16 added: “Kind of stupid considering they let the victims know they were out of jail.”

Nathan was seen in Weatherfield(Image: ITV)

Speaking more about Nathan’s return, actor Chris recently revealed: “I love playing Nathan. He’s funny, deceptive, slippery, manipulative and ruthless. Now he’s also under a lot of pressure.

“This new story is absolutely full of twists and turns. It’s really good to be back on the hallowed ground. So much has happened since we saw Nathan sent to prison, but Coronation Street is one constant. I’ve the impression that the cast, the crew and the whole crew are made up of old friends.”