Wi Ha Joon and Jung Ryeo shocked netizens with a steamy moment at a press conference

Is this the craziest set of photos from a press conference?

Wi Ha Joon And Jung Ryeo won ” shocked netizens with a thrilling moment during a press conference.

Wi Ha Joon | @wi__wi__wi/Instagram
Jung Ryeo won | @yoanaloves/Instagram

On May 9 (KST), the two stars held the press conference for their upcoming series titled Midnight romance in Hangwon. As expected, they both presented real visuals and charisma in front of the media.



Yet, as cute as they are, netizens have been weak at some point.

In front of the media, the host asked them to reenact a moment from a teaser, and as they tilted their heads, Jung Ryeo Won burst out laughing.

They then tried again with a little more luck and even managed to move so all the cameras could film.

During the last time, the actress started laughing again but apparently they had enough shots.

The press photos were really funny because they were so natural and raw that you could feel the chemistry exploding.




Even from afar in the official tvN photos, it was a moment like no other.



The two apparently appeared to be imitating one of the teaser posters released ahead of the series’ premiere, but that didn’t stop the internet from melting down.


When the photos and videos were shared, netizens lost their minds calling them the “craziest press conference photos” they had seen. The looks between the two stars were filled with unparalleled chemistry, even the moment they started laughing about their closeness, netizens were weak in the knees.

With the series set to release later this month, both stars have their fans excited.