Empress 1908 Gin unveils new flavor inspired by tea time

Empress Gin

Empress Gin has unveiled its latest flavored edition to the Canadian brand’s portfolio. (Photo: Empress Gin/Kyla Zanardi)

Empress Gin has shared the brand’s latest flavored release: Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin. The brand claims to have taken inspiration from afternoon tea for its latest release.

The Empress 1908 Cucumber Gin has a suggested retail price of $39.99 and an ABV of 42.5%.

“We always strive to create balanced, high-quality blends that inspire creativity and deliver inviting flavors,” Eric Dopkins, CEO and president of Milestone Brands, said in a press release. “Following the overwhelmingly positive reception to our Elderflower and Rose Gin last year, we have leveraged the extensive botanical expertise of our master distillers to introduce our next innovative flavor: Cucumber Lemon. We’re thrilled to see Empress Cucumber Lemon Gin supporting Empress Gin’s mission of creating the most distinctive cocktails.

The Canadian brand claims that eight botanicals were used in the making of the flavored gin. Empress 1908 Gin chose to use juniper berries, lemon, jasmine and star anise in addition to cucumber and lemon zest. The brand claims that cardamom and jasmine spices pair quite well with cucumber and lemon zest.

In September, Empress introduced its elderflower and rose gin to the United States. The gin was meant to be a liquid celebration of Victoria, British Columbia. The city is nicknamed “the city of gardens” and the empress claims that flowers are constantly blooming in the area. The gin had a distinctive red hue, derived from red rose petals and black carrots, according to the brand.

Yet perhaps the most iconic expression in the Empress portfolio is Empress Indigo Gin, which has taken the market by storm with its incredibly vibrant indigo hue.

The bright indigo color comes from the butterfly pea flower, and if curious drinkers add a splash of lemon to a libation with Empress Indigo, they can see it turn purple. Empress said the gin was one of the “fastest growing” gins in the United States.

The brand recommends enjoying its refreshing new flavor in a Cucumber & Tonic cocktail, with a cucumber slice and lemon slice garnish to enhance its flavor profile.

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