These are the 5 things to consider before getting a bob haircut

If there’s one haircut to rule them all in 2024, then Bob, we look to you. Whether it’s the big bouncy mob wives bob, the chic French textured bob, or the new and improved graduated bob, iterations of this timeless look are back and bigger than ever.

Currently, #bobhaircut has over 7 million views on TikTok, while on Instagram there are over 2 million posts with #bobhaircut. Celebrities who have recently opted for the snap include Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, Kourtney Kardashian and Gigi Hadid, all of whom now sport hair beautifully above their shoulders.

So why is it back with a bang? It’s one of the rare hairstyles that comes back brilliantly every decade.

“Long before Hailey Bieber and Victoria Beckham were getting into the chin-shaving style, Blondie, Mary Quant and Barbara Streisand were getting into it. Then before them, there was Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth, and then, well Sure, there were the original girls from the 1920s.”

Larry adds that aside from the bob representing rebellion and rejection of traditional gender norms, one of the best things about it is that (just about) anyone can achieve it. “It is very versatile so it suits all face shapes and hair textures. You can add bangs or shift the part, smooth it or texture it with different products.

If you’re considering getting any type of bob, King offers some great advice below.

What to consider before getting a bob according to a stylist

1/ Do your research

“Having a bob can be very different if you’re used to long hair. Make sure you do your research on the length you want and be clear about what you are looking for.

2/ …but don’t think about it too much

“Taking images of several different lengths can confuse your stylist and you might end up taking photos that are shorter than you actually want. That said, listen to your stylist. They are experts in improving facial shape and will instinctively know what will suit you. Spend time on the consultation part to get exactly what you want.

3/ Think about bangs

“Having bangs with your bob can really make it look like a whole new haircut and give it a different dimension.”

4/ Think about your color

Why is this so important? King explains that “if you have long hair with balayage at the roots, cutting the length can affect the look and feel of the color, and it may not work the same way.” So think about a color overhaul at the same time.

5/Get ready for a whole new way of styling your hair

“You’ll probably finish your hair in a completely different way once it’s short, so stock up on new products and ask your stylist for advice before you go.” It’s also a good idea to watch a few tutorials and then give yourself some time to practice when you’re at home.

“I have a bob and here’s what you need to know”

As someone who’s had Rapunzel hair her whole life, the idea of ​​getting a bob seemed very intimidating. What if I hated it? What if I looked like Lord Farquaad? What if I don’t know how to style it after the crucial first wash at home? These were all the thoughts (dramatic, admittedly) that ran through my head as I sat in the stylist’s hot seat and watched him familiarize himself with the scissors.

Luckily, a few months later, I couldn’t be more obsessed with my new chop. I’ve gone even shorter since the first cut and I’m enjoying my new look to no end. It’s strangely liberating, and old wardrobe staples suddenly look new when paired with my current hair. I will say though that understanding the new way of styling was the biggest challenge.

As any girl with long hair will claim, on days when you’re short on time or your barnet isn’t looking fresh, putting it back in a low bun or shaping it into a ponytail or braid is your secret weapon. But with a bob, there’s no hiding. I have to style it every day, and for the first few weeks I found myself having to get up earlier to wash it, dry it, and tousle it, or risk looking like Harry from Dumb and Dumber.

At first it was complicated, and it took at least 30 minutes out of my morning routine, even though I had a lot less hair to deal with than before. But now I’ve cut it down to 15 minutes max. My secret weapons are a complete volumizing shampoo and conditioner followed by a volumizing mousse. I’ll then blow dry my hair before using my GHDs to clip small sections, alternating directions. I was using a curling iron, but found the curls looked like curls and I ended up looking like Taylor Swift circa 2006.

Larry King Hair Care My Nanna's Mousse 150 ml
Larry King Hair Larry King Hair Care My Nanna’s Mousse 150ml
Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo 266 ml
Pureology Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo 266 ml
The conditioner
Necessary Conditioner
Andrew Fitzsimons AFTER SEX Textured Hair Spray 200ml
Andrew Fitzsimons AFTER SEX Textured Hair Spray 200ml

To change color, I also dry with a diffuser to create a straight(ish) textured look. I’ll also skip the texture spray and use a cream instead. Oh, and a volumizing dry shampoo is a must-have on days when I can get by without washing it out and starting all over again.

Is styling and regular 6 week appointments worth it? A thousand times yes. I’m on Team Bob at the moment.

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