The CPSC warns consumers to immediately stop using Mega-Tac Permanent Adhesive due to the risk of poisoning; Failure to comply with child-resistant packaging requirements

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning consumers to immediately stop using Mega-Tac Permanent Adhesive, Liquid Silicone Glue, because the glue bottles do not meet regulatory requirements. child-resistant packaging under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. (PPPA), posing a risk of poisoning to young children if swallowed.

Liquid glue must have child-resistant packaging under the PPPA because the product contains four percent or more methanol by weight. Additionally, the label on the product violates the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA).

The CPSC issued a notice of violation to importer Genesis Inc. of Puerto Rico, but the company has not agreed to recall this product or offer a remedy to consumers.

Mega-Tac permanent adhesive bottles are translucent white plastic and have a pointed blue cap. They were manufactured in Taiwan and imported from August 2019 to June 2021, and sold by Genesis and other craft, gift, clothing and office supply stores in Puerto Rico, including Detalles Impresos, Capri Guaynabo and Mundo Lápiz. Mega-Tac, bottle size (3.38 oz (100 ml)) and UPC number 603836100083 are printed on the white bottle label.

The CPSC urges consumers to immediately stop using the bottles and dispose of the product in accordance with local disposal laws.

Report any incident involving injury or product defect to the CPSC at

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