Here’s a surprising thing to consider when it comes to potty training your puppy

    Puppy going to the toilet in the garden.

Puppy going to the toilet in the garden.

Potty training is something most dog parents will have to do – unless, perhaps, you have a rescue dog as an adult. It’s not the most fun part of having a dog, but it is a necessity.

Your puppy just wants to do his business so he can start playing with him again. best dog toysbut for us, there are all kinds of things to consider when it comes to potty training your puppy.

One thing we don’t often think about is getting our dogs used to going to the bathroom on different surfaces. Melissa Goodman, Certified Dog Trainer Pawsitive Mission (with the help of her own dog, Aspen) explained why it was a good idea in a new Instagram post.

Even if you have an adult dog who is potty trained, he may still have difficulty from time to time. So, if this is the first time you’re wondering how to potty train a puppy or if you’ve worked with a number of dogs before, it’s worth keeping this in mind.

Goodman uses the example of Aspen, which is not used to snow. She explains that although she loves playing in the snow, sinking into it destabilized her when going to the bathroom.

“If your dog is used to going to the bathroom only in specific places, it can be very difficult if you are in a new place and that specific option is not available to your dog,” says Goodman.

At first, Aspen found sheltered spots, protected from the snow, as well as areas where vehicles had moved over the snow, causing it to melt. Later, she became more comfortable in the snow, but it took her a while to adapt. As Goodman says of our puppies, “It’s normal for them to struggle or regress temporarily. » It is natural that this may cause a little stress or anxiety in dogs – this is an unknown situation.

She continues: “If you have a puppy that you are in the process of potty training or if you have an adult dog who is a little more specific about where he likes to go to the toilet, try expanding his horizon as much as possible in this department to make it easier for them in situations like this.

You may find that your dog will also have difficulty going to the bathroom in the rain. He might seek out dry surfaces first, before gradually getting used to the idea of ​​going in the rain.

If your dog is struggling, remember to provide plenty of support and encouragement. This probably goes without saying, but even if your dog regresses slightly, punishment is not the answer: positive reinforcement works best here.