Young woman says shocking grammar school list has ‘broken’ her – as she calls for tougher punishments

A young woman regained her memories when she heard the shocking news of boys being suspended for sizing up their classmates, while she was “broken” over a similar incident.

Pheveya wasn’t shocked when she heard about this vile rating system. (Pheveya / Instagram)

Most of us know how horrible high school can be – whether firsthand or through a loved one.

However, when a young woman found herself at the center of a shocking school roster scandal, she was left broken and feeling worthless – and was even threatened that she wouldn’t be able to graduate because of the fallout from the storyline.

Pheveya, 20, a popular Australian influencer, has opened up about her horrific ordeal after hearing about a vile list created by boys at Melbourne private school Yarra Valley Grammar, which included their classmates’ reviews .

Shame ratings categorized girls as “wives,” “cute,” “average,” “object,” “date,” and “diehard.” Two of the four boys involved in creating the document were expelled, with the other two suspended and subject to further disciplinary action, according to

But Pheveya wasn’t shocked by this behavior, because she experienced something eerily similar four years ago, and it made her feel “degraded.”

She explained that in the cruel rankings she suffered, boys called her a “slut”, claiming she was “tormented, humiliated, harassed and emotionally abused” by boys – but she claimed her school had done nothing.

She said she felt “devalued”, telling “The once happy, cheerful and loud student became a teary-eyed, quiet and miserable student. I felt defeated, I I felt bruised from the inside.”

She even shared that she suffered from anxiety and depression because of the situation, but was reportedly told that “boys will be boys.” His school has taken some steps to make things easier for him. For example, she received a note informing her that she could go to the counselor’s office if she felt overwhelmed — but she said some teachers would still deny her that.