Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Tries to Break Up Fight in Wild Video

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Shocking video shows a Spirit Airlines flight attendant nearly hit as he desperately tried to break up a fight between two constantly arguing men on a Boston-bound flight.

The wild video taken aboard Flight 3907 shows two men lunging at each other as soon as the plane landed at Logan Airport Tuesday evening, Boston 25 News reports.

As the men begin punching each other, the flight attendant jumps between the two in an attempt to separate them.

Two men got into a wild fight after spending about two hours arguing on a Spirit Airlines flight. WFXT
A flight attendant stepped between the men to try to stop the fight. WFXT

When that fails, the flight attendant has no choice but to get out and let the wild brawl continue as the men fall into a row of seats.

Other passengers are seen shouting at the men to stop while the flight crew orders everyone to quickly get off the plane.

Nicole Grome, who was on the plane with her parents, told the local media outlet that the two had been yelling at each other for most of the two-hour trip from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The men eventually came upon a row of seats as they continued the fight. WFXT

Grome, a student at Coastal Carolina University, said she was stunned when the two men started fighting once the plane landed, but she was grateful to the heroic flight attendant who kept watch so that no one else gets involved in the fight.

“That poor flight attendant. She was doing her best,” Grome said. “She puts herself in a dangerous situation to protect everyone else on the flight.”

Passengers said that after leaving the plane, they were confused to see the two men simply exit the plane and walk through the airport.

Passengers saw the men involved in the fight exit the plane without further incident, with the victim choosing not to press charges. WFXT

Massachusetts State Police said one of the men, whom they identified only as the victim of the fight, told them he was not injured and was not trying to carry complaint against his attacker.

Spirit Airlines said in a statement that the incident had been reported to police and that the men involved were on the airline’s no-fly list.

“We do not tolerate disruptive behavior of any kind, and passengers involved are no longer welcome on any of our flights,” a Spirit spokesperson said.

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