Meet Critchfield Employment Lawyer Lyndsey Krownapple

Lyndsey Krownapple has strong ties to Knox County; Both her parents were born and raised here, as was she. Likewise, the law firm she works at, Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston (Critchfield), has a long history in North Central and Northeast Ohio. As long as over 150 years old.

Critchfield is a full-service law firm with more than 40 attorneys practicing in a number of legal specialties, promising to serve as trusted advisors to their clients. Krownapple practices employment law, general litigation and estate planning.

She began her career at Critchfield while still in law school, under the mentorship of attorneys Kimberly Hall and Zachary Dimarco. Critchfield offers a law clerk program where law students can work all summer. In addition to her interest in law, Krownapple is the third generation of women in her family to be involved in the Rotary Club, her grandmother and mother before her.

“You will conduct legal research and draft legal documents, and you can point out areas to your mentors that might be of interest to you. You will be assigned a mentor,” Krownapple said.

Initially, Krownapple was determined to do only transactional work, which meant she wouldn’t go into the courtroom. Through mentoring and observing attorneys at work, she realized she also loved the litigation aspect of her job. As new cases poured in, each with their own complex details and facts, Krownapple found another path.

“Before you start working at the firm, you don’t realize that all these areas of law are so vast. I think I realized the change when I saw Kim working; he’s a superstar. I admired him. »

“There are a lot of lawyers here with a lot of experience in different areas. We are not a large law firm in Columbus, but we are big enough. And we have the expertise to provide this type of sophisticated work,” Krownapple said.

Companies often call on Krownapple for its expertise in employment law and litigation. She assists employers with wrongful termination, breach of contract, workers’ compensation, and provides guidance on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforcement and compliance issues.

Critchfield also provides comprehensive human resources (HR) consulting to many local employers.

“For example, if you want someone to look at your employee handbook, or if you have a disciplinary issue with an employee, or if you’re not sure if you can fire someone without any legal issues…we have basic HR advice, we do it. a lot of it for local businesses,” Krownapple said.

From human resources consulting to OSHA, Critchfield prides itself on its attorneys and its work, promising to “apply our extensive experience to help set priorities, evaluate alternatives, and achieve the best results.”

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