Council to consider three finalists for county executive position


San Juan County is nearing the end of the county executive hiring process after interviewing three finalists. The County Council will deliberate in a closed session at the May 14 council meeting in which it will select a county manager or determine next steps for further recruitment.

Process Summary:

The county’s lead search committee consisted of the human resources director, the interim county manager and the county council, assisted by search firm Strategic Government Resources (SGR). The job posting resulted in 39 applicants from across the country who were screened and reviewed via resume reviews, video interviews and written responses.

After an extensive interview process, three finalists were invited to San Juan County for in-person interviews:

  • Ana Cortez, City Manager of Carnation, WA
  • Jessica Hudson, Director of the Fairfax County Public Library
  • Sri Krisham, Deputy Director of Finance and Administration for the City of Kirkland

Finalists’ resumes remain confidential as part of the hiring process. When a new county manager is appointed and accepts the position, their information will be shared with the public.

On Monday, May 6, the finalists were interviewed by three different panels consisting of council members and other elected officials, county staff and board members from various county committees.

On Tuesday, May 7, finalists attended a series of community meetings in each of the three districts where the public asked questions via a moderated question-and-answer session. Meetings were held at the San Juan Island Grange, the Lopez Island Family Resource Center and the Orcas Center.

And after?

The county council is the ultimate recruiting body for the county executive position. At the May 14 council meeting, council members will discuss feedback from the interviews and either appoint a county manager or determine next steps for further recruitment. The public is invited to provide comments during the public access period at the start of the meeting or to send an email to council.

More information will be shared when a new County Executive accepts the position or if the recruiting process begins again.

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