Peter Cat Recording Co. Announces New Album “Beta” and World Tour

Peter Cat Recording Co. has announced a new album, “Beta,” released August 9 via Muddy Water.

The first single will arrive on May 16, while the group has announced headlining tour dates beginning in August. Following an opening act with Khruangbin, Peter Cat will tour the US, UK and Europe before returning home for a series of dates in India. Tickets for the headlining dates go on sale Thursday, May 16 at 10 a.m. local time.

The New Delhi-based band unveiled the record on Instagram on Wednesday, with a video showing a herd of elephants devouring an edible arrangement with the album title written in watermelon slices.

“’Beta’ is a collection of stories about the future told 50 years ago, to make sense of the present, on our only home, planet Earth,” the band noted of the upcoming album, their first since “Bismillah” of 2019.”

A press release stated that “Beta” was only one of five potential tracks on the album, with the band writing down all five and letting drummer Karan Singh’s six-month-old son choose one. The result, “Beta,” translates to “child” in Hindi.

Produced by Suryakant Sawhney, Kartik Pillai and Peter Cat’s Dhruv Bhola, the album promises a “whimsical amalgam of indie, bossa nova, jazz, psychedelia and more.” As “Bismillah” shows, the group is also heavily influenced by crooner music.

“This style of singing is really moving,” Sawhney said. Variety in April 2023, during Peter Cat’s last performance in New York. “I also like it in this weird masculine way. I was attracted to that loud, macho voice when I was younger. But it was conservative, you know? These guys couldn’t sing sleazy shit. They had to find cheesy ways to say, “Hey, we’re going to fuck tonight.” So I like the idea of ​​it being grimy.

Check out the tour poster below and purchase tickets here.