Where are they now? The male idol who was caught in multiple dating scandals at once

Veteran Idol HOTIt is Kangta was once caught up in not one but two dating rumors at once!

In 2019, reports claimed that Kangta was dating the actress Jung Yu Mi (also romanized as Jung Yoo Mi).

Jung Yu Mi
Jung Yu Mi

She was known to be a longtime fan of HOT!

However, a few hours after the report, a racing model Woo Joo Ahn, Kangta’s ex-girlfriend, claimed that they had gotten back together. It started when she accidentally leaked a video of her on a date with Kangta in a sauna. They seemed to be joking when he kissed her.

Kangta (left) with Woo Joo Ahn (right) | @gaeungbebe/Instagram

Woo Joo Ahn quickly deleted the post before sharing an explanation via her Instagram. She said that she dated Kangta in the past, but they broke up. Apparently they had gotten back together, but the video was posted by accident.


I am sincerely sorry for causing inconvenience and difficult times for many people today.

Kangta and I had broken up last year after dating, but we recently started seeing each other again.

I offended and worried many people by accidentally posting an old video we filmed together last year.

I would like to sincerely apologize to Kangta who was probably surprised by my mistake, as well as to everyone I hurt.

—Woo Joo Ahn

The Kangta agency, SM entertainmentcontradicted Woo Joo Ahn with his statement, claiming that they dated but “already broken up years ago.” Kanta also released a statement apologizing.

It’s Kangta.

I’m sorry for disturbing everyone because of my personal matters. After breaking up last year, I met Woo Joo Ahn again around the end of July a few days ago. While we were contacting each other, a very disturbing thing happened: she accidentally uploaded a video of us together to her personal social media account. The video was taken last year before we broke up.

Woo Joo Ahn posted her statement online last night after first sharing it with me.

But we finally decided to end things as they currently are.

As we ended our relationship, I don’t want to hurt Woo Joo Ahn anymore and I want to apologize to everyone again for disturbing my personal matters.



Regarding the relationship between Jung Yu Mi and Kangta, their respective agencies, ace factory and SM Entertainment, claimed that they were just friends. They denied the dating reports.

The dating rumors are not true. They are just close colleagues.

– SM Entertainment

The dating rumors are absolutely false. They’re just close friends.

– Ace Factory


Things became even more complicated when the advertiser Oh Jung Yeonwho was once married to a basketball player and television personality Seo Jang Hoon, wrote a shocking message via Instagram. She accused Kangta of cheating on her with Woo Joo Ahn two years ago.

What happens when your boyfriend, who you’ve been dating seriously for 6 months and are desperately waiting to see again, is found in bed with another woman? It’s absolutely traumatic.

What if he told you he was going to bed early but was secretly spending time with another woman and had no remorse? This trauma is multiplying.

What if this boyfriend is someone you’ve looked up to as an idol since you were young? You are hurt in an incredible way where everything you have seen, heard and believed in the world seems like a lie.

This is something I personally experienced 2 years ago. I was so hurt that I suffered a lot for a very long time.

I have worked so hard to recover and I can finally live happily, but I clearly remember the nightmare when I see these two names on search engines.

It’s normal for someone who made me cry blood and felt no remorse to receive their due punishment, but they will probably just deal with the situation as if nothing happened and return to the promotion…

Is it too stupid of me to ask for a world of justice…?

-Oh Jung Yeon

Oh Jung Yeon
Oh Jung Yeon | @jungyeon.oh/Instagram

Woo Joo Ahn responded, sharing his side of the story via his Instagram account. She emphasized that she was not a homewrecker.

I felt that we had to react quickly to avoid any misunderstanding. Since I don’t have an agency that can put out a press release for me…I’m sorry to have to explain this via Instagram. I hope someone knows that she did me and my peers a lot of harm by choosing to target me and write a post using offensive words.

I know what day you’re talking about.

That day, we were watching an animated movie in the room when someone wearing a hat came in and asked me who I was. She kept asking me how long I’d been seeing him, so I told her I’d only been seeing him for a few weeks.

I was very shocked and scared at that moment. I was very scared and didn’t know what to do. Just like the way you look at me now, I was afraid that I had severed a valuable relationship.

This happened around April and you told me yourself that you had only seen each other the year before. It seemed like you two weren’t together anymore. But I still felt like you probably had something you needed to get off your chest, and something caused you to come all the way here, so even though I was shocked and struggling, I’m left quietly to allow you to talk about it. You spoke after I left and I don’t know what you spoke about since I wasn’t there.

It was a very traumatic day for me, so I remember every part of our short conversation clearly. I’m suffering from all the hate and attacks I’m receiving right now.

I didn’t know who you were that day and even until now. But did you suddenly have to write this and call me a “troubleshooter”? Since you probably knew who I was and what my name was, I think it would have been best if you contacted me first and told me what was going on.

You had plenty of time to tell me what I did wrong and what I misunderstood. Please don’t call me a troubleshooter until you find out the truth.

Everyone has experienced heartbreak when losing a lover. It’s probably the same hell for everyone. I also felt the pain you feel before. If you know how I feel right now, don’t take it out on me. Even if you are angry, I am not the one you should be angry with. I was also very scared and hurt that day.

Please don’t get me wrong. I ask you sincerely.

—Woo Joo Ahn

Woo Joo Ahn
Woo Joo Ahn | @gaeungbebe/Instagram

It seems like everyone involved had different views on what happened. Oh Jung Yeon commented on her own post, saying that she “only wrote the facts as best she could as a woman“while asking that no one attack her like her”has nothing more to say.»

message 2

On the other hand, Kangta and Jung Yu Mi confirmed their relationship about seven months after their companies denied the reports. Both agencies confirmed that they were indeed dating with statements.

They are currently dating with good feelings towards each other. They were close senior and junior, but recently started dating.

– Ace Factory

| SM entertainment
| @yum_yum/Instagram

In May 2022, rumors circulated that Kangta and Jung Yu Mi would get married in the fall of the same year. However, their respective agencies, SM Entertainment and Mystical story, confirmed that the couple were still in a relationship but had no plans to get married at the time. However, there is no indication that the couple married or separated.

It’s true that Kangta and Jung Yu Mi are dating and happy; however, nothing has been decided yet.

-SM Entertainment

Kangta has also been busy with his career. In 2022, he made his comeback as a solo artist with his fourth studio album, Eyes on you. It was his first comeback in almost two decades (since 2005)!

Kangta has also been the creative director of SM Entertainment since 2005 after re-signing with the agency, receiving part of the retainer in the form of shares. This year, Kangta is the “executive producer of SMASHHIT Productions Team, one of the three CICs of Kreation Music Rights, the music publishing subsidiary of SM Entertainment.”

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