MAFS Australia’s Lucinda breaks silence on her relationship with Timothy as fans hope…

May 9, 2024, 3:50 p.m. | Updated: May 9, 2024, 4:30 p.m.

Fans wish Lucinda and Timothy would get back together

Fans wish Lucinda and Timothy would get back together.

Photo: Instagram/Lucinda Light

Everyone’s favorite MAFS Australia wife Lucinda has given an update on her relationship with Timothy.

Married At First Sight Australia favorite Lucinda Light, 43, has broken her silence regarding her relationship with Timothy Smith, 51.

After season 11 ended, fans hoped that Lucinda and Timothy would overcome their issues and reunite. However, in an exclusive chat with Heart, the MAFS favorite revealed the current situation between her and Timothy.

Lucinda said: “I love Timbo. Timbo is like soul family, he’s the guy I didn’t know I needed in my life.”

She added: “I really explored the romantic potential. I one hundred percent wanted to try it on for size, I rolled up my sleeves, I did my best from every angle. It was a bit of a story of unrequited love.”

MAFS star Lucinda Light chats to Heart

The reality TV favorite then confirmed that while she and Timothy are on good terms, they won’t be getting back together anytime soon.

Lucinda revealed: “There’s no romantic potential in there, absolutely not,” before adding: “I think Tim is really on a journey into himself, he’s got things to process and he’s got had a lot of heartbreak to go through. We’re just at different stages, I think, in our lives.”

Lucinda and Timothy were fan favorites on MAFS Australia

Lucinda and Timothy were fan favorites on MAFS Australia.

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Since leaving the show, the two have stayed in touch and often share photos and videos of each other on social media.

After the couple left the experience, Lucinda posted a sweet tribute to Timothy, writing: “Dear Timbo, it’s over! What a blast!

“What I love most about you Tim is your ability to make those around you laugh, even in the midst of your own pain and loss. Your courage throughout our time together has been impressive You’ve opened up your vulnerable side, showing men everywhere that it’s not ok, I’m bottling it up! Despite your “Tin Man” facade, I see the huge heart you carry 💕”

Lucinda and Timothy were looking for their forever partner on MAFS Australia

Lucinda and Timothy were looking for their forever partner on MAFS Australia.

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Lucinda continued: “I am incredibly proud of you, and I’m sure your mother Varee and your brother Dave would be too, looking down on you. You have shown true courage and authenticity and you are a legend. Too many men suffer in silence, and it’s time to change this paradigm. We need to celebrate men who are open-hearted and willing to show their emotions. It’s the new SEXY!

“I have seen you make tremendous progress on our journey together, and I hope you continue on your healing path. True redemption and inner peace come from letting go, forgiveness, and allowing for love to flow freely. I believe in you, Timbo, and I know that a wonderful woman awaits you for a joyful journey here whenever you need an ear.

“With love and admiration, Lu.”

Lucinda and Timothy got married on MAFS Australia

Lucinda and Timothy were married at MAFS Australia.

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The news comes as Lucinda announced she is embarking on a UK tour this summer.

Speaking ahead of her exciting tour, Lucinda said: “It’s really exciting, I feel like this is my life’s work that I’m about to share, so I’m coming to talk about intelligence emotional, relationships, our dynamic well-being, self-care and all those juicy topics.