ColourPop launches a new Pokémon collection

ColourPop Cosmetics’ latest pop culture crossover is Pokémon, and it’ll be hard to resist catching them all. The cosmetics brand previously had Twilight, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, and Disney collections, among others, so a Pokémon collaboration is a natural evolution.

The Pokémon collection includes three color-changing pH lip balms:

  • Thunderbolt, a pure gold inspired by Pikachu ($12)

  • Sing, a sheer pink inspired by Jigglypuff ($12)

  • Transform, a pure lavender inspired by Ditto ($12)

Three cream blushes are also available:

Additionally, there is a three-pack of Eeveelution-inspired lip glosses, including shades of gold, coral, and blue, and is available for $27.

The collection also offers a 24-shade eyeshadow palette for $30 that takes inspiration from the Kanto region with some name inspiration from the anime (we see you jelly donuts!). If you don’t want the full palette, there are also three individual Super Shock shadows, each inspired by a different Kanto starter and their big moves:

And of course, no Pokémon-inspired set would be complete without a Poké Ball. In this case, it’s a berry-flavored lip mask ($12) in a Poké Ball-shaped pot.

If you’re having trouble choosing what to buy, the complete Pokémon ColourPop collection is available for $159.

The Pokémon collection is available now and will arrive in Ulta stores on May 12.