Silent human chain near DPS Lake on May 11 to commemorate World Migratory Bird Day

In a poignant celebration of World Migratory Bird Day, citizens will gather near DPS Lake on May 11, silently affirming their commitment to preserving avian habitats, amid growing apprehensions over the recent deaths of pink flamingos.

Expressing the gravity of the situation, BN Kumar, Director, NatConnect Foundation, said, “The deliberate and criminal draining of wetlands, such as the DPS Flamingo Lake, has harmed the flamingos and biodiversity of the city . »

Citing evidence of regulatory violations, Kumar pointed out: “The documents we have obtained clearly show that CIDCO is guilty of blocking the flow of tidal water to the DPS Flamingo Lake in violation of the conditions of the Ministry of Forests and Climate Change (MOEFCC). We demand the opening or reconstruction of the lost intertidal channel for the restoration of DPS Flamingo Lake.

Environmental groups, including Navi Mumbai Environmental Preservation Society (NMEPS), Save Flamingo Save Mangrove and the Kharghar Hills and Wetland group, have come together in a collective appeal. “We urge citizens to join us in large numbers to show solidarity with the dead birds and to voice their demand to preserve DPS Lake by reopening lost intertidal water channels,” coalition representatives urged.