Kenya Duke wants her ex-husband to stop talking about her

Kenya Duke asks her ex-husband, Gary Owen, to stop talking about her.

As we previously reported, Owen appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, Shay Shay Club, where he spoke about the birth of his twins and revealed that his older children had no relationship with them.

“I think not having a relationship with my kids… it sucks too because my kids don’t know them. They have no relationship with (the twins),” Owen said. However, Kenya didn’t like what the comedian had to say and took to her Instagram to share her thoughts.

“My growth no longer makes me feel the need to respond to falsehoods. The grace and kindness I have shown you is the space to tell lies and false narratives to garner sympathy and attention without correcting them. You are a great storyteller… sometimes I get caught up in your versions,” she wrote.

Duke then tagged Owen in his caption and wrote, “It’s been 3 years. I’m always nice and cool to you. This is on purpose, I never make it awkward. I never bother you. I have given you my suggestions on the situation but you are not respecting their boundaries. That’s why you discussed it again on social media. I don’t know what else to do to help you.

Kenya Duke and Gary Owen divorced in 2021. They share two children together and Owen also took care of Duke’s son from a previous relationship. What do you think about this?