Baby reindeer: Fiona Harvey admits she inspired the name of the Netflix series

Fiona Harvey admitted to inspiring the name Baby Reindeer in her interview with Piers Morgan, The Real Martha Uncensored.

This evening, the 58-year-old law graduate from Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, appeared for her first TV interview since the release of Baby Reindeer, the Richard Gadd series based on her experiences of serial harassment.

Although Gadd asked fans to stop trying to find the characters’ real-life counterparts, Harvey was quickly found and accused of being the real Martha (played by Jessica Gunning in the series).

In the interview, she denied many of the allegations, but confirmed that the show’s title was based on a toy reindeer she owned.

Fiona Harvey in Uncensored by Piers Morgan

“I had a stuffed reindeer and he shaved his head,” she said. ” It’s true. And there were reindeer in the stores, it was Christmas or something. It was a joke.”

Harvey is then asked about the show’s “hang your curtains” comment, in which Gadd’s character Donny – wanting to fit in with his peers – jokes with Martha and says, “I’ll hang your curtains.”

“I think it was a Hawley Arms joke, and a lot of sexual innuendo,” she replies. Piers then asks: “He said that?” To which she replies: “Yes”.

Harvey also faces the barrage of messages she allegedly sent to Gadd at the time: 41,071 emails and 350 hours of voicemails, as well as 744 tweets, 106 pages of letters and 46 Facebook posts.

Piers reiterates these figures to Harvey, but she denies them. According to her accounts, she only sent him “a handful of emails, tweeted him about 18 times, never messaged him on Facebook, and sent him only one letter.”

The Real Martha Uncensored editor’s notes state: “Netflix and Clerkenwell Films have been contacted to respond to the allegations made in this interview. They chose not to comment.