A message from President Cheryl Bost

A message from President Cheryl Bost – Maryland State Education Association

A message from President Cheryl Bost

Cheryl Bost, MSEA President

OUR UNION VOICE continues to grow stronger!

I am extremely proud of the continued growth in our membership as MSEA reaches its highest membership level on record. Our voice is as loud as our members and you have turned up the volume in defense of our interests.
students and each other. THANKS!

I’m excited to report that Education Support Professional (ESP) membership is growing in Maryland and that’s no accident. Instead, it is through the MSEA ESP Bill of Rights (ESP BoR) campaign, an effort led by MSEA’s ESP Organizing Committee using the ESP BoR, a 10-point platform of priorities support staff employment plan that has been approved by each ESP local. Members are speaking out and speaking out on living wages, career advancement, safe and healthy workplaces, staffing and much more, paving the way for a powerful presence at the bargaining table. Our campaign is working so well in putting support workers in the spotlight that other states are adopting it.

Adding to ESP BoR’s powerful membership building toolbox are ESP’s current year-round member organizers and upcoming ESP union summer programs that the NEA subsidizes and the financial support from the MSEA. Both are member-led outreach activities that use the Bill of Rights as a conversation starter with potential members of their local. Both programs aim to build grassroots buy-in for a powerful presence in local negotiations.

This is tough work, and ESPs are rising to the challenge in a big way. We must all use the strength of our voices and our unity as a union to advocate for justice for all employees. Together we are stronger !

Reading this issue of Line of action, you will see our impressive victories in the General Assembly on MSEA priority bills. Don’t forget to review the progress we’ve made to protect the freedom to read, respond to
shortage of educators, and more here.

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