Bear attack caught on camera, crashes car and shatters windshield

Bear attack

The video shows the Bear Bash windshield…

Is the car between mom and Cub?

In Japan, a couple of foragers found themselves in a delicate situation: they were running at full speed on a road in a forest when a bear attacked their car, breaking their window… and it was all filmed.

Check out this wild footage from Hokkaido last week… the car is driving on what appears to be a designated road — when, suddenly, a bear appears out of nowhere, runs at full speed towards the car and makes contact .

It’s easy to forget just how far these heavy creatures can move, but the video is a stark reminder – as the wild animal covers a considerable distance in a matter of seconds before slamming its heavy paws repeatedly on the screen. breaks, breaking it into pieces.

The driver does the only thing he can: stomping on the pedal and racing down the winding dirt road as fast as he can – with the windshield clearly shattered.

According to local reports, neither the car’s driver nor passenger were injured…and a wildlife expert told some local media outlets that the car may have accidentally slid between the mother and her small, causing all the commotion.

It seems that bear attacks occur sporadically for these reasons… remember, in 2022, a climber was leaving Mount Futago in Japan when a black bear rushed towards him, apparently also protecting his cub. The climber resisted a series of kicks and punches.

Pretty scary situation…but it’s all part of going into nature, we suppose. Be ready !