Drake Shares Message Amid Winner Conversation: Kendrick Lamar Beef

Duck shared a cryptic message as conversation circulates about who won in his and Kendrick LamarIt’s beef rap.

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Here’s what Drake posted

In the early hours of Thursday, May 9, Drake took to his Instagram Story to share a video. The clip appeared to show him watching the first few minutes of the first episode of the miniseries “A Man in Full.” According to IMDb, the series follows the life of a real estate mogul who faces bankruptcy and “attempts to defend his empire against those who try to capitalize on his fall from grace.”

In the clip, the main character is seen lying on the ground while his thoughts are told to the viewer:

“I don’t mean that as a criticism. (Or) maybe I do. But when you die, will people notice? When I go there, many people will have many memories of me. Many hate me (but) despite everything, a person needs to live vigorously. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Check out the clip below.

Social media weighs in with THESE celebrities

Social media users reacted to Drake’s post in the comments section of The Shade Room. Many seemed to interpret the video as Drake admitting defeat to Lamar.

Instagram user @iannoh.__ wrote: I’m glad he accepted that Kendrick won 🏆😂”

While Instagram user @38rcj added, losing to Kendrick isn’t even a bad thing because he is also considered one of the greatest. now losing to someone like meek would have been a problem 🤣”

Instagram user @kcdablazian wrote: Drake lost and he clearly accepts defeat.

While Instagram user @najtaughtme added,Let’s be real, everyone has always gone to bash Drake because he is literally a TOP artist…win, lose or draw. Kendrick won and Drake got his first L.”

Additionally, podcaster Joe Budden went viral after sharing his thoughts on why Drake lost to Lamar.

However, not all celebrities agreed that Drizzy was defeated. Questlove also made headlines after declaring that “nobody won” in the month-long rap beef.

A quick recap of Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s Rap Tussle

As The Shade Room previously reported, Drake and Lamar’s dispute appeared to flare in March after Lamar shared bars for the “6 God” while appearing on Metro Boomin and Future’s single, “Like That.”

In response, Drake fired back at Lamar on a diss track titled “Push Ups,” according to The Shade Room. Then, a few days later, Drake doubled down on his bars for Lamar by releasing his diss, “Taylor Made Freestyle.” The track featured the AI-generated vocals of Snoop Dogg and the late rapper Tupac Shakur, according to The Shade Room.

In response, Lamar followed up with a six-minute diss track for Drizzy called “Euphoria.” At this point, the battle between the rappers seemed to intensify when Lamar threatened to reveal the truth about Drake, according to The Shade Room.

However, Lamar didn’t stop there. A few days later, the rapper followed up with another track dissing Drizzy, titled “6:16 In LA,” according to The Shade Room. Lamar appeared to taunt Drake by using his signature timestamps in the song title.

From there, the rappers’ beef caught fire. Drake released his breakout song, “Family Matters,” and accused Lamar of abusing his fiancée while alleging that one of their children may not have been Lamar’s biologically, according to The Shade Room.

Shortly after, Lamar responded with “Meet The Grahams”, in which he accused Drizzy of hiding an 11-year-old daughter from the world and of being a “predator”.

Lamar didn’t slow down his bars for Drake. Shortly after, he released the diss song “Not Like Us,” in which he took his allegations against Drake further, according to The Shade Room.

The rapper accused Drizzy of being a pedophile and advised women to hide that of their little sister from him. Additionally, Lamar accused Drake of relying on particular Atlanta rappers to help boost his career.

In response, Drizzy released “The Heart Part 6,” in which he alleged that Lamar’s accusation that he had another child was passed to him as false information, according to The Shade Room.

“You have waited for this moment, overcome by despair. We plotted for a week, then we gave you the information. An eleven year old girl, I bet he’ll take her. We considered giving a false name or a false destination. But you’re so thirsty, you don’t care about the investigation,” he allegedly rapped.

Additionally, Drake has denied having relationships with underage girls.

Additionally, Drizzy continued to share allegations that one of Lamar’s children was not biologically his.

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