A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie issues fiery statement as Co-op Live concert canceled

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie took to social media to release a statement after his Co-op Live concert was canceled just MINUTES before the start of the opening act.

Thousands of fans were queuing outside and streaming into the £365 million venue when at 6.40pm on Wednesday evening they were suddenly told the concert would not go ahead. Speaking to X, Co-op Live blamed the cancellation on a “technical issue” and asked fans to “leave the arena”.

American rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, who was set to headline tonight’s concert, released a statement on X telling his fans that “something happened with the venue” while he was at the soundcheck Earlier in the day.

It comes as the MEN revealed the show was canceled after a “piece of air conditioning unit” fell from the ceiling.

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“Something happened in the room while I was at the soundcheck today that caused the show to be canceled,” he posted in a black square.

“We are working on a postponement in the coming days. I am also excited about the situation, but security before Manchester, I told you, stay tuned for more information.”

The rapper’s show is the latest in a series of cancellations for Co-op Live, which has had a hectic fortnight opening the venue.

The £365 million Eastlands Arena was originally due to open with a series of Peter Kay concerts from April 23. But following a test concert the previous Saturday, which saw capacity reduced due to concerns raised by emergency services, the Bolton comic’s shows were pushed back twice. .

Fans were turned away at the last minute – Credit: Sean Hansford |  Manchester Evening NewsFans were turned away at the last minute – Credit: Sean Hansford |  Manchester Evening News

Fans were turned away at the last minute – Credit: Sean Hansford | Manchester Evening News

The venue was rocked by another setback just days later when its general manager, Gary Roden, resigned dramatically after 12 months on the job. It follows comments Mr Roden made to the BBC about local music venues which sparked fury from fans in Manchester and beyond.

Co-op Live bosses then assured fans the venue would open in time for American rock band The Black Keys’ concert on Saturday April 27. But following concerns over the emergency services communications system, some remaining internal security systems and fire safety measures, the show was pushed back to Wednesday May 25.

Fans expressed their disappointment over the cancellation. Kate Duckworth said: “Save your apologies. Canceling an event while people are queuing to get in is an absolute disgrace!

Jo Lunn wrote: “Simply appalling. Two teenage girls from Coop Live are now being told the show is cancelled, they need to go home and not use social media. Because of us trying to see Peter Kay last week. The costs incurred and the disappointment are enormous.

Sara Townley added: “I’m furious that my daughter traveled there just to be turned away after being on the news all day that this was happening – really unfair, just do the decent thing and cancel everything in advance until ‘until you are 100% sure that everything is. All right.”