Jayden Daniels has a message for fans

It became official Thursday night: Washington Commanders rookie quarterback Jayden Daniels will wear jersey No. 5.

Punter Tress Way has worn No. 5 since 2014 and voluntarily gave the number to Daniels ahead of Washington’s rookie minicamp, which begins Friday in Ashburn.

While Daniels now wears number 5, Way will wear a new number in 2024. Fans who have been wanting to purchase a Daniels jersey can now do so without wondering what number he will wear.

Commanders officially released a video of Way admitting he was giving Daniels the number at 7:46 p.m. ET. Just 10 minutes later, Daniels had a message for Washington fans:

This all comes days after some numbers revealed Washington was having trouble moving team merchandise. Some fans blamed the name, others the jerseys, while others acknowledged that if the Commanders became winners, they would have to sell more merchandise.

Maybe Washington needed a franchise quarterback to back them up, and those jerseys would start selling. Based on fan reaction to X, Daniels will move up the individual jersey sales list.