“Despite all provocations, Islamists remain silent, I salute them; every action will lead to an equal and opposite reaction”: Internet users denounce the incendiary speech of “senior journalist” Mani

In a recent appearance on YouTube channel ‘The Debate’, veteran journalist Mani leveled a series of allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP. His speech was filled with alarmism, particularly along communal lines, attempting to exacerbate tensions between Hindus and Muslims. Much of his interview included unfounded claims, describing collaboration with the Congress and portraying the BJP as an anti-Muslim entity, especially at the height of the election season. Such behavior on the part of a journalist is indeed regrettable and atrocious for cheap notoriety.

At the start of the interview, senior journalist Mani wasted no time in leveling strong criticism at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He called Modi’s speeches perilous, derogatory and disgusting, accusing him of placing undue emphasis on religion, defaming individuals, spreading falsehoods about the Congress manifesto and calling it an “anti- Muslim”. He claimed that the cornerstone of Modi’s speeches was anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Furthermore, he highlighted that their most significant achievements include the abolition of Article 370 and the construction of the Ram temple. He also stressed that it is not enough to get votes just by mentioning these achievements; instead, he accused Modi of inciting anti-Muslim sentiment. He referred to a Supreme Court ruling, stressing that the police should take proactive measures against hate speech. He, however, questioned the current situation, noting that even though hate speech is considered an offense under the RPA Act, the individual in question continues to campaign without repercussions, despite repeated offenses. Mani asserted that “Modi sincerely believes that neither his 10 years of success, nor the opening of a Ram temple, nor 370 people will give him votes. He surely only believes in Muslim hatred which will win him votes, and that is why he continues to talk about it. It’s a conscious decision. It’s a well-planned decision, it’s not just about speaking spontaneously, speaking on impulse, or speaking in a fit of anger. Mani clarifies that Modi believes his hate speech will secure the votes of north India’s majority Hindu population, pointing out that such rhetoric has unfortunately become an everyday occurrence.

After shamelessly spreading hateful and fear-mongering narratives against Modi, so-called senior journalist Mani is hypocritically instigating Muslims, although the Prime Minister has not uttered a single word against them, saying, “Such atrocities have not happened to Muslims in the last 17 general elections. Today, hatred is spread openly against them, without any shame. The Prime Minister himself is leading this, using all the tools of this technological decade. Where will this end? Remember that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. To what extent are you going to persecute a community (Muslims)? Despite all these provocations, the Muslims remain calm, I salute them, truly I salute them. Even after so much provocation – the young men and women there remain silent, it is cruelty, it is not a country but a crematorium.

Mani emphatically insisted that whatever the outcome, this election would be remembered for its religious polarization.

Host Manoj Prabhakar asked journalist Mani about his views on the current election scenario, highlighting the contrasting accounts of NDA’s potential losses alongside aggressive campaigning and apparent inter-party disunity. In response, veteran journalist Mani said that this election was crucial in determining the future of India. He criticized Prime Minister Modi’s controversial rhetoric, accusing him of pitting his own people against each other like bloodthirsty wolves. Mani expressed concern over the BJP’s tactics, stating that “If the Indian population elects the BJP by a simple majority, it means that the country is embarking on a perilous path. The distinction between past elections and current ones is not limited to simply selecting our next leader for the next five years. I see this election as a referendum on the vitality of the Indian soul. Despite current events, if the Indian population chooses to approve them, that speaks volumes. This is why I maintain that Modi is not the disease itself but merely a symptom. Their confidence in these tactics suggests that they believe it will ensure victory, hence Modi’s persistent rhetoric throughout the campaign. Journalist Mani referred to Mahatma Gandhi’s statement, in which he said that if India achieved independence only through the unrest of Hindu-Muslim riots and the resulting bloodshed, resulting in countless floating skulls, it would delay India’s freedom by a decade.

Veteran journalist Mani launched a fervent attack on the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, suggesting that if the BJP faced a potential loss, they might resort to any means necessary, as indicated by their aggressive campaign. Mani said: “Secularism is the soul of India, after having sacrificed it…. He is the father of the nation, (who said) I don’t even want the freedom of the nation, But where we are today, will any Prime Minister speak so rudely? If the Prime Minister speaks, will there be an impact? How will it continue to seep out there, how far will the poison spread and how will you deal with it? That’s why I said what will happen after the results. If the mandate is decisive then okay, maybe the result, if the Indian bloc is in favor to some extent, the BJP is unable to form the government, that is, the BJP is the largest party, but could not form the government, and with the alliance, the Indian bloc comes to power. Do you think the BJP will remain silent, unlike him! Of course not. Look at this scenario and Modi’s speech now, we are living in dangerous times.”

Mani then discussed the situation in northern India, where cities have a Hindu-Muslim population ratio of 50:50. He expressed concern that with just one spark, tension could escalate, potentially leading to widespread unrest across the country. He asks about strategies for dealing with this volatile situation.

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