10-year-old caught in storm drain fights for life as community prays for miracle

CHRISTIANA, Tenn. (WTVF) — The Rutherford County community is rallying together following a devastating accident that left ten-year-old Asher Sullivan fighting for his life.

The son of Rutherford County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jimmy Sullivan, Asher found himself caught in a storm drain after a night of powerful storms ravaged the area.

The Lewis Downs subdivision in Christiana had downed trees, fences and floodwaters saturating the neighborhood.

Despite the chaos, neighbors came together to check on each other’s safety after the storm.

However, in the midst of the post-storm cleanup, tragedy struck the Sullivan family.

“Jimmy Sullivan’s family is the one whose little boy had such a freak accident that you know, he left right after the storm and the water was so bad toward the front of the subdivision. Apparently it took him away,” Scott Matuk, a neighbor.

The community responded with an outpouring of support by holding a prayer vigil in front of the Rutherford County Schools district office.

Friends, neighbors and even strangers gathered together, united in the hope of Asher’s recovery.

“I believe in God, we just pray for a miracle,” said Karen V. Knox, a former teacher and friend of the Sullivans.

Dr. Sullivan told us that while neighbors helped pick up debris and put up fences, neighborhood children played in the water in the streets.

Somehow, Asher got caught in a storm drain and was swept away.

He eventually came out in a drainage ditch and CPR was administered to him for a time.

His heartbeat was restored, but the damage was significant. Asher’s lungs are severely damaged and his brain doesn’t show much activity.

“Today we come to lift them up in prayer and remember them and we are once again very grateful for your presence and for your support. And we ask that you continue over the next few days to remember Asher and the entire Sullivan family,” Knox said.

In the face of such adversity, the community remains steadfast in its support of the Sullivan family. People from all corners of Rutherford County came together, offering prayers and well wishes in hopes of providing relief to Asher and his loved ones during this difficult time.

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