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The University of South Florida will offer students the opportunity to enroll in a course focused on Taylor Swift.

The course, LIT3301: Cultural Studies and Popular Arts, is an English course that functions as a “study of American and international cultures as represented in film, fiction, and other cultural artifacts of various ethnic groups and nationalities. Focuses on values/ethics, race, ethnicity, and gender; thinking and writing skills.

The course focuses on different pop culture topics and will begin focusing on Taylor Swift in the upcoming fall semester.

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USF professors Jessica Cook, Emily Jones and Michelle Taylor will teach the class, and Cook said that “the idea came when I was having lunch with my colleagues (Jones and Taylor) and we were talking about Taylor’s album Swift. Red and the placement of a specific song on this album.

“We both had different arguments about how we should interpret it, and we joked that our students were capable of doing it,” she continued.

Jones said Campus reform that the three professors “have for the moment stopped responding to requests from the media; we found ourselves inundated with them last week and need to take a break to focus on our students’ homework and exams during this final week of classes.

USF isn’t the only Florida school launching a new Taylor Swift course.

In April, the University of Miami announced it would offer a fall semester course called “The Mastermind of the Taylor Swift Brand.”

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The University of Florida has already begun offering a course “Musical Storytelling with Taylor Swift and Other Iconic Female Artists” in the spring 2024 semester.

In 2022, New York University also offered a course on Swift that discussed the pop singer in relation to “whiteness” and “American nationalism”.

Campus reform has contacted the University of South Florida for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.