Google Messages text editing feature is available for beta users and may be coming to you soon

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  • Google is working on a sent text editing feature for Google Messages, which would allow you to easily edit any message sent in the last few minutes.
  • The edited message will show the original message in the message details.
  • The feature is now available for beta users, indicating that it could be rolling out to users on the stable branch very soon.

User Jhowkira2000 mentions (via AssembleDebug on X) that the message editing feature of Google Messages is now available on some of their devices in beta.

Google Messages 2 message editing feature

The feature only appears if both devices in the conversation have it.

Google Messages 1 message editing feature

According to them, the editing time is 15 minutes and everyone can see the original unedited message in the message details. The conversation will display the edited message, giving it a clearer view.

Previously, AssembleDebug enabled the feature with some tinkering. Now beta users have the feature without any changes, so the next logical step is to deploy the feature to the stable branch. We hope Google makes it stable soon.

To recap, Google Messages might soon let you edit messages you’ve sent in the last few minutes (15 minutes in the latest beta). Once the feature rolls out, you’ll be able to access it by long-pressing the message you want to edit, then tapping the pencil icon in the top toolbar.

Did you receive the editing feature in Google Messages? Are you in beta or stable? Let us know in the comments below!

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