Stephen King shocked by disturbing horror film on Prime Video

Stephen King shocked by disturbing horror film on Prime Video

Stephen King
Stephen King in 1999. ©ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection

It takes a lot to effectively disrupt the ultimate master of horror. That’s why when it happens, we take note. It seems Stephen King has discovered one of the most shocking new horror films of the year, which has been making waves online for a few weeks now. The indie is a Spanish film called The coffee table. And while it’s arguably some sort of dark comedy, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. If child abuse is a trigger for you, maybe close the tab right away.

Here’s the synopsis, per Rotten Tomatoes:

Jesús and Maria love each other infinitely, magnificently, even if they sometimes don’t realize it. But hey, now that their little piece of love is born, everything will work out. Of course, Maria still has a North Korean streak in running the household, making all the decisions regarding the color of the walls in their apartment, the name of the baby, the food they eat, the TV shows they watch. They look at the thickness of the toilet paper and their vacation destination. Jesus, to prove to her and to himself that he is not a soulless trilobite but that he has his own will, chooses the coffee table.

Alleluia! A hard-won victory he cherishes by selecting the most aggressively ugly little thing imaginable, the furniture equivalent of Liberace getting lost in Ikea. An unbreakable marvel, says the seller. Too expensive, says Maria. This will bring them unlimited happiness, says the seller. Their worst nightmare, tells us….

The coffee table was directed by Caye Casas and stars Josep Riera, David Preja, Estefania de los Santos and Claudia Riera. Completed in 2022, the film has made the festival rounds and is now garnering the attention of some of the biggest names in horror.

Find out what Stephen King thinks here:

Dread Central’s Mary Beth McAndrews reviewed the Fantastic Fest 2023 movie and loved it. She gave it a rating of 4.5/5, saying: “A portrait of a marriage on fire that is not a film for the weak, but for those who seek the dark, the repulsive and the disturbing, keep The coffee table on your radar.

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