Indian Railways: Trains operating on this route will remain canceled till August 7 | Control List

Trains canceled by Indian Railways: Checklist | Image: Indian Railways

Indian Railways: Jaipur railway station is rebuilding its fourth and fifth platforms. In light of this, the railways has decided to cancel three trains passing through Gurgaon. From May 29 to August 7, these trains will remain closed. Many travelers traveling from Gurgaon to Jaipur will face difficulties in such a circumstance.

Summer vacation pressure

During this period, schools will also begin their summer vacation. It will be a challenge for travelers heading to Rajasthan for holidays due to train closures. Jaipur railway station in Rajasthan is being reconstructed, according to North Western Railway. As a result, the routes of some trains were changed and some were stopped for three months.

Media reports claim that the operation of 10 trains has been changed. This resulted in the cancellation of 22995 Jodhpur-Delhi Superfast trains, which pass through Gurgaon; 22996 Jodhpur-Delhi; and 15014 Jaisalmer. The railway paths of Mandore Express and Ranikhet Express have also been reoriented. These two trains will pass through Ringas.

Headquarters House

Trains are almost fully booked due to summer holidays. Trains to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand and Himachal have already seen passengers reserving seats. There is no more space on long distance routes like Uttaracal Express, Haridwar Mail, Chetak Express, etc.

Indian Railways canceled trains

  1. Train No. 12195, Agra Fort-Ajmer train service
  2. Train No. 09639, Madar-Rewari railway service
  3. Train No. 09733, Jaipur-Bhiwani
  4. Train No. 09640, Rewari-Madar train service
  5. Train number 09734, Bhiwani-Jaipur train service
  6. Train No. 12196, Ajmer-Agra Fort train service

Shankar Lal Meena, Gurgaon railway station superintendent, said, “Reconstruction work is underway at Jaipur railway station. As a result, many trains were canceled. To ensure that passengers do not have any problems, alternative trains are recommended.