“It’s the turn of the working class to stop the status quo and demand change”: workers denounce police repression

Workers, denounce the genocide and the repression of demonstrations! Send us your statement by by filling out the form below. All submissions will remain anonymous.

Workers across the United States are denouncing the Gaza genocide and police attacks on students by both pro-war parties.

Calls for industrial action to end the war are growing. On Monday, May 13, 48,000 California graduate students began voting to strike following the violent police crackdown at UCLA, where officers also stood by while right-wing Zionists attacked the protest encampment. .

Yesterday, socialist auto worker Will Lehman released a statement calling on industry workers to support students. “If they succeed in banning protests against the genocide, they will then send riot police against the pickets,” he warned.

The only way to stop the war and defend our rights is to take charge as the working class, which creates all the wealth in society.

That’s why I’m calling on my fellow UAW members to demand an immediate strike by all 400,000 members.

We must start fighting for this now. Hold mass meetings at your workplace to discuss actions.

Faced with inevitable opposition from the UAW bureaucracy, organize rank-and-file strike committees to enforce your democratic will.

THE World Socialist Website publishes below a number of worker statements from recent days. To submit your statement, complete the form at the bottom of this article.

Industrial workers

GM Flint Assembly workers walk off their jobs on November 7, 2023

An auto parts worker from Dana said: “Wars only serve the rich. The protesters were clean and tidy, but they also exercised their constitutional rights in an orderly and fair manner. Then the government intervened as usual.

“We must first question the government’s intentions and then what happened next. I don’t think most of the protesters left behind the mess and graffiti! We have seen these falsifications before.

“As workers, we must defend our rights as human beings, not to mention our constitutional rights! » he concluded. “But if we come together, we can make an inevitable difference and change!” »

A railway worker warned of the role of the union bureaucracy in the face of protests: “Union bureaucrats will only defend their comfortable jobs. They will not defend workers.