Opera Australia announces new Opera Youth program

Opera Australia has announced it will be giving away 500 tickets at the special price of $35 to celebrate the launch of its new Opera for Under 35s program.

The program is designed to encourage young audiences to discover the world of opera and the initiative will kick off with the Australian premiere of Edward Dick’s highly anticipated production of ‘Tosca’, which opens in Melbourne on May 24.

The program is free and applies to anyone under 35 years old.

In a statement, OA’s new artistic director, Jo Davies, said: “It’s a pleasure to announce a wonderful new program aimed at encouraging more young Australians to discover opera. This initiative will help reduce the cost barrier, which we know is a major problem in the current cost of living crisis. It is especially important, in difficult financial times like these, to not give up on the arts! So, for those who are curious about opera, perhaps for the first time, this program should provide a much more accessible route into the art form.