Danger! Masters fans accuse Ken Jennings of ‘unfair decision’ towards Matt Amodio as champion faces elimination from special

DANGER! Masters fans have accused Ken Jennings of an unfair decision towards Matt Amodio as the champion faces elimination from elite competition.

In Monday’s episode, Matt found himself competing against fellow Jeopardy! champions James Holzhauer and Victoria Groce.

Danger! Masters fans have accused Ken Jennings of an unfair decision towards Matt Amodio as the champion faces elimination from elite competition.Credit: ABC
Matt is currently in last place in the special Masters tournament.Credit: ABC

During the fast-paced first round, which saw Victoria take a commanding lead early in the match, Matt attempted a comeback by answering the $800 clue for the “I want candy” category.

The prompt read: “Jelly Belly offers all flavors, including earthworms and earwax, under this Harry Potter candy maker’s name.”

Matt called and said, “What is Bernie Bott?” ”, quickly adding the “S” sound to complete Bott’s possessive.

Yet, despite his attempt to correct himself, he heard Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings, 49, curtly responds, “No,” but not because of the forgotten, and in this case, incorrect, punctuation.

James then chimed in and said, “What is Bertie Bott… Bertie Bott’s Flavored Beans.”

Still hesitant, Ken replied, “Yeah, we’ll take that.” This is the name of the product.

“Bertie Bott is the name of the chocolate driver,” before adding that Matt responded “Bernie.”

One drama viewer complained on a Reddit forum dedicated to Jeopardy, “Justice for Matt!

“I heard ‘Bertie Botts’ and not ‘Bernie Botts’. I’ve never been so disappointed in my entire life about anything.”

“I think we can give the nerds the benefit of the doubt by telling them they know their Harry Potter,” another fan joked.

On Monday, Matt took on fellow Jeopardy! champions Victoria Groce and Jame HolzhauerCredit: ABC
Matt called and said, “What is Bernie Bott?” ”, which host Ken Jennings quickly shut down.Credit: ABC

“There’s no way he doesn’t know,” added a third.

A fourth Reddit user commented: “I heard ‘Bernie’.”

Another person agreed, writing: “I heard the Bertie Bott one and I don’t know why they didn’t give him credit for it.”

One fan replied: “I heard Bernie but I have no doubt the judges went to watch the tape ASAP. It’s not a decision Ken makes alone.”

“Matt would have challenged the decision and the score would have changed if he had actually said Bertie,” another remarked.

They continued: “I was confused at first too, so I replayed it a few times,” he told Bernie.

“I think the judges were already replaying it to double check and that’s why there was a delay in accepting James’ answer.”

Victoria won the game with the highest score in a single game in Jeopardy! Master the story with $50,000.

James finished the game in second place with $31,514 and Matt with $2,200.


Season 2 of Jeopardy! The Masters started earlier this month and there’s still just over a week until it ends.

The show sees some of the show’s best players compete to see who is the best of the best.

The six contestants competing this time are Amy Schneider, James Holzhauer, Matt Amodio, Mattea Roach, Victoria Groce and Yogesh Raut.

Each hour-long episode features two games with different combinations of players competing against each other.

Before each match, the show usually begins with the introduction of the participating players with their name and profession.

Fans have noticed, however, that Jeopardy! I stopped doing that after the second episode.

Starting with episode 3 of the Masters special, everyone’s names were spoken but not their professions.

Viewers noted on an online forum that this had not happened at this point in the Season 1 tournament.

Some speculate that this change is due to James’ performance, as his introduction normally included a confident joke about being a great competitor, but he is currently in a distant third place.

For episodes 1 and 2, the announcer explained that James’ occupation was “the self-proclaimed final boss of Jeopardy!”

However, he currently sits third with five match points and one match won, while Victoria and Yogesh are tied for first with 10 match points and three matches won.


“I wonder if this has anything to do with James’ less than dominant performance (so far) and his ‘Final Boss’ line,” one fan questioned.

“This sentence doesn’t seem so funny under the circumstances and could even be interpreted as a little embarrassing,” they continued.


Take a look at the official TV schedule to find out when you can see the latest episode of Jeopardy! Masters season 2

Wednesday, May 1 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

Monday, May 6 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

Wednesday, May 8 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

Friday, May 10 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

Monday, May 13 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

Wednesday, May 15 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

Friday, May 17 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

Monday, May 20 — SEMI-FINALS at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

Wednesday, May 22 — FINALS at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

“I wonder if James or the producers said ‘let’s stop that line’ and if they had a choice between changing James’ job (which is a bit like admitting he’s no longer the final boss) or eliminate completely,” the user said. added.

Other fans agreed with this theory, although some guessed there were multiple reasons for the change.

“Maybe some of it,” said one viewer of the game show. “It also gets awkward because they don’t want to say ‘Professional Jeopardy/Trivia Celebrity,’ which is what you do for a living once you’ve won enough.”

“I think the producers decided that making James the equivalent of a wrestling heel has run its course,” a second commented.

“This might be for the best in the long run,” a third fan wrote.

They continued: “You could say that James has almost locked himself into coming up with a cleverer name each time and it’s hard to keep one up to par.”

Danger! The Masters continues Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Two additional new episodes will air this week – Wednesday and Friday – before the semi-finals on May 20 and the final on May 22.

James arrived and correctly stated: “What is Bertie Bott?” ”, after which Ken revealed that Matt responded “Bernie”Credit: ABC
Victoria won the game with the highest score in a single game in Jeopardy! History of mastersCredit: ABC
Victoria led all champions with 13 wins while Matt was in last place with just one win to his name.Credit: ABC