Ron Washington Review: The Mystery of the Angels’ Blunder Revealed

Ron Washington’s critical comments on Luis Guillorme’s missed bunt during the Angels’ 7-6 loss to the Cardinals sparked controversy. Despite the missed opportunity during a high-stakes squeeze play, statistical analysis suggests Washington’s frustration may be justified. Guillorme’s bunt attempt came against JoJo Romero’s well-placed slider, a type of pitch where missed bunts only occur 46 percent of the time. Despite some defenders of Guillorme, the critical situation and historical data suggest that there was a reasonable expectation of success.

In numbers

  • 31 pitches thrown by JoJo Romero, 15 strikes
  • 7 sacrifice bunts scored by Guillorme in his career

Yes, but

Critics say Washington publicly threw Guillorme under the bus, affecting team morale. Conversely, Guillorme acknowledged that the pitch was good and admitted the difficulty of executing the play.

State of play

  • The Angels are currently 16-28 and last in the American League West.
  • Team struggles include injuries and underperformance, impacting their season prospects.

And after

The Angels should continue to face challenges, with Washington’s pragmatic approach a constant. This management style could shape the team’s dynamic as it navigates a difficult season.


Washington’s direct criticism, while controversial, is based on reasonable expectations. As the Angels rebuild, his candid approach provides insight into the high demands of professional baseball.