What the Nets need to consider when re-signing Nic Claxton

The Brooklyn Nets have an important offseason ahead of them, as arguably their most important issue to resolve is the re-signing of free agent center Nic Claxton. Although both sides have indicated they would like Claxton to return to Brooklyn, the Nets have other factors to consider during this process.

For starters, Claxton, general manager Sean Marks and new head coach Jordi Fernandez have all made it clear that Claxton is part of the plans for the team’s future, no matter the cost. However, this free agency negotiation between Claxton and the Nets may not be as clear cut as it seems from the outside.

As HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto has reported multiple times over the past year, NBA executives estimate Claxton’s new contract will be between $20 million and $25 million per season. However, Spotrac’s Keith Smith recently wrote that Claxton could receive more money than that due to inflation, so to speak.

“$20 million to $25 million is what non-All-Star centers have been looking for in recent years. If we adjust slightly, Claxton could be looking at a deal that would pay between $100 million and $120 million over four years,” Smith wrote. According to Spotrac, there are five centers making between $20 million and $25 million, with the highest among the five being Milwaukee Bucks center Brook Lopez.

However, some Nets fans are wondering what will happen if Claxton’s contract demands start reaching that $25-30 million range over four seasons. Brooklyn may need to prepare for this possibility if they want Claxton to re-sign.

Additionally, part of the negotiation will focus on what other teams would be willing to offer Claxton to lure him away from the Nets. “Most Cap Space teams already have centers in place. Additionally, most applicants, or potential applicants, also have centers in place. This could work in Brooklyn’s favor to keep Claxton at the lower end of the range above,” Smith writes.

Right now, it appears the Nets know what they’re working with in terms of potential contract values ​​for Claxton. Time will tell how these negotiations play out and how much attention Claxton will receive on the open market.