NATO member states plan to send military instructors to Ukraine

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Some NATO member states are discussing the possibility of sending military instructors or contractors to Ukraine to train Ukrainian troops and help repair equipment, the New York Times reported on May 16.

Ukraine has asked the United States and other NATO countries to help train 150,000 troops closer to the front lines.

However, the United States appears hesitant, due to the risk of attacks on instructors, which could trigger NATO’s collective defense clause.

Some officials suggested continuing the training of large numbers of Ukrainian recruits in Germany and Poland, as has been done before. However, this approach involves considerable logistical challenges for transporting such a large number of troops.

Several NATO countries, including Britain, Germany and France, are considering deploying defense contractors to Ukraine, while the White House revises its ban on U.S. defense contractors there carry out their activities.

The debate around NATO troops in Ukraine was sparked by French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments in February in which he considered the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine if requested.

Macron says he would consider sending troops to Ukraine in case of Russian breakthrough, Ukrainian request

French President Emmanuel Macron added that such conditions did not currently exist.