Prescott school board member caught on video launching racist rant

In one video, Elizabeth Garcia sees Conn pushing a shopping cart and tells him, “Go back to your country.”

PRESCOTT, Ariz. — The Prescott school district is distancing itself from a board member caught on video calling a Hispanic woman a derogatory name and telling her to leave the country.

Board member Linda Conn was at the Prescott Costco in the series of videos taken by another customer. In the first, Conn pushes an Elizabeth Garcia shopping cart and says “Go back to your country.”

Garcia said the incident began before she insisted and after Conn heard Garcia speaking to other people in Spanish.

“She says, speak English, you’re in America,” Garcia said. “She just left and when I took out my phone, that’s when she told me to go back to your country.”

A second video, also taken at Costco, shows Conn crossing paths with Garcia again.

“Your face is going to be everywhere,” Garcia says.

Conn leaned close to the camera.

“Oh, I hope so, p***” Conn responded, using a derogatory Spanish word for prostitute.

The video shows Garcia and others with her laughing as Conn walks away. But Garcia now says it wasn’t funny.

“I was a little angrier and I laughed a little, but it was more that I was angry and upset,” Garcia said, adding that her daughter was also there to watch the interaction.

“She asked me, ‘Why did that lady get so close to you? Was she going to hit you?'” Garcia said.

Garcia said she didn’t know who Conn was. Garcia lives in Cottonwood, about a 90-minute drive away. It wasn’t until she slowed down the video that she saw Conn was wearing a campaign button that read “Re-elect Linda Conn” for the Prescott Unified School District board of trustees.

Conn told 12News via text message that his attorney advised him not to comment.

Three of his fellow school board members and the district superintendent commented.

Stan Goligoski, Chairman of the Board of Directors

As President of the Prescott Unified School District Board of Trustees, we find Ms. Linda Conn’s public comments shameful. The students, teachers, staff and administrators of our school district work diligently to ensure that our students are people of strong character and possess strong qualities that are accepting of all people. We hope that our elected board members will follow the same attributes. This is a horrific incident that we take seriously.

Jane Robertson, Board Member

“It is absolutely unacceptable for a PUSD board member to suggest that any of our constituents return to their own country. We accept ANY child who crosses our threshold with open arms and treat EVERY child equally. equality. Using offensive language toward a member of our community while wearing a political re-election button suggests a complete disregard for the position of our board.

Andy Fraher, board member

As a PUSD board member, I can say that this attitude and the approach presented in the video is in no way reflective of our district or our other board members. I cannot speak for the district, since our superintendent will do so officially, but on a personal note, this is reprehensible and I wholeheartedly condemn these words and actions.

Clark Tenney, Superintendent

Our district has just been made aware of the recently recorded remarks and actions of one of our elected school board members. The words and actions of this elected official are deeply disappointing and completely unrepresentative of the Prescott Unified School District. We welcome and support ALL of our students and families from all backgrounds, and we strive to treat all members of the community with respect.

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