Taylor Swift’s ’22’ hat from Eras Tour stop in Paris goes home with San Diego Swiftie – NBC 7 San Diego

A trip to Paris can be the experience of a lifetime: seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time, Notre Dame or a cruise on the Seine only scratches the surface of the beauty of the City of Lights.

Last week, thousands of people flocked to the City of Lights for another reason: to see Taylor Swift kick off the European leg of The Eras Tour at Paris’ La Défense Arena.

Among those in attendance were 9-year-old Julissa Vargas and her mother, Kathia Lopez-Santos, executive producer of Telemundo 20. Julissa’s dream trip turned into one she will never forget.

Julissa meets Taylor Swift at La Défense on May 9, 2024, in Paris. Photo by Getty Images

Julissa had the surprise of her life when she attended the first evening of The Eras Tour in Paris.

NBC 7’s Brooke Martell, a Swiftie herself, asked Julissa what it was like to be held by Taylor Swift. Because yes, it happened.

“I don’t know. It was great,” Julissa said. “It was, I don’t know, it was one of the best moments of my life. And she high-fived me with both hands.”

But a hug from the world-famous pop icon wasn’t originally planned. The original plan: a trip to Paris with her parents, Kathia and Eddie, and a chance to see Taylor. This is already something that so many people, let alone a 9 year old girl, could never imagine in their wildest dreams.

“I always wanted to be in Paris,” Julissa said. “It is my favorite !”

Another photo from Getty Images

So last week, after a long flight and a night of sleep, it was already time to get ready to see Taylor. Dressed in a beaded black dress, Julissa couldn’t wait.

“I was dressed in a Reputation theme because it’s my favorite album, all that stuff,” Julissa said.

As Kathia and Julissa made their way through the crowd of Swifties, they found their place on the arena floor, eagerly waiting for the night to begin.

“Everyone was there to dance, and the worst part: they were the biggest people,” Julissa explained.

They didn’t have the best view, but that didn’t matter.

“I was fine with it,” Julissa said. “Honestly, I just wanted to hear the music coming out of his mouth, like hearing real words in the present moment.”

Julissa gets a hug from her hero, Taylor Swift. Photo by Getty Images

But someone had their eyes on Julissa, which meant her experience was about to become unforgettable.

“I thought she was leading me toward the exit until she stopped in front of the stage, and the guy asked me, ‘Can I come pick you up?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah!'” Julissa said. “And then I finally realized what was happening.”

It’s a moment every Swiftie dreams of, but only one can experience every night, as Taylor performs her song “22.”

For those who attended the show or viewed the concert clips online, this is a show moment from the “Red” era. Taylor jumps on the track and there is always someone at the end waiting for her. This time it was Julissa.

“I could only hear the part where she said, ‘Can I give you a hug?’ and she also said, ‘Thank you for coming,'” Julissa said.

A hug and she received something to keep: the coveted “22” hat.

“This is the hat she gave me, and it’s signed inside,” Julissa said, gesturing.

Julissa ended up with Swift’s “22” hat. Photo by Getty Images

It’s a night Julissa will never forget.

“I still can’t believe this actually happened to me,” Julissa said. “I see the YouTube shorts and I’m always like, ‘Me?’ “

Julissa said she will never forget the moment and considers herself a longtime fan of Taylor Swift.

“I’m the luckiest girl in the world,” Julissa said.

Don’t worry: After Julissa met Taylor, she was taken to the VIP section where she and Kathia had the best view to watch the rest of the show.