Fortune Hotel broadcasts shock task disqualification

The Fortune Hotel spoilers follow.

The Fortune Hotel aired a shocking disqualification as Michael and Adam’s hot streak came to an end.

The couple struck gold during last night’s episode (May 15) when they were presented with the perfect briefcase, with the duo taking home £10,000.

Their luck continued as they won the Room Challenge in tonight’s (May 16) episode, with Adam’s expertise as a mason coming in handy as they were tasked with building the tallest tower in the dominoes help.

the fortune hotel, michael and adamthe fortune hotel, michael and adam


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This gave them priority in the episode’s main challenge, which required teams to spot letters as they traveled the bay on a speedboat, with the resulting anagram having to be solved as they approached the bar in cocktails, run by host Stephen Mangan.

As a reward for their previous triumph, Michael and Adam were given first choice of boats, but the host warned they were of varying quality – a statement that couldn’t have been truer for Michael and Adam.

As they watched the other teams return to their boats, Michael and Adam had difficulty finding “Sun Kist”, but they soon spotted a rather run-down paddle boat tucked in a corner, well away from some of the luxury boats on offer.

The worst was yet to come, however, as Mangan revealed that the capsized ship resulted in an automatic last place for both men, with the theme of anagrams still present as he revealed that the boat’s name could be read as ” It’s sunk.” .

the fortune hotel, Stephen Manganthe fortune hotel, Stephen Mangan


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“Why couldn’t you have told us before?” » Michael joked as they returned to the bar, the two men sipping cocktails while watching the other teams work hard to try and find the hidden word.

Despite suggestions of “bedroom” and “maidrum”, it was Cherish and Jae who won the task, with both men deducing that “mermaid” was the correct answer. This gave them power in the briefcase exchange, with both men opting to give their Early Checkout passes to Dan and Claire, thus sending them home.

The Fortune Hotel is broadcast weekdays on ITV1.

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